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I'm /




r ock m e and

I s lowly close my sleepy little eyes

16-inch Tiny Tears with Case and Layette


Sweet little Tiny Tears with glossy rooted Saran hair for you to comb, brush

and set over and over. She comes in a de luxe case of fiberboard with plastic

handle . . just what little girls need when they take dolly travelling or want a

neat place to keep her layette. Nicely dressed in embossed cotton romper,

brings her own extra dress of cotton with matching panties, bonnet and booties.

Care for her with diaper, bottle, washcloth. sponge, pins, clothespins; keep

her happy with pacifier or bubble pipe. Instruction booklet included.


N 3239-16.inch Tiny Tears with case and layette. Wt.


lbs. 9 oz




N 3236-1


Y2 -inch

Tiny Tears with case and layette. Wt. 3 lbs. . ..... ......... 8.98

Looks like a real baby. Rooted Saran hair.

Dressed in rompers. Has booties, diaper, bottle,

pins, sponge, bubble pipe, washcloth. pacifier ;

also, a cotton dress and panties with the two

bigger sizes. All sizes come in gift box.



032-40- 20-inch Tiny Tears. Wt. 7 lbs.. . .



-49 N

323S- 13Y2 -inch Tiny Tears. Wt. 3 lbs..

7 .98

.49 N 3230- 11



Tiny Tears (no dress, pontiesl.

Shipping weight 2 lbs. 2 oz..

. ..



me in your arms or in my cradle .. my rock-a-bye eyes with

thick lashes close slowly. Squeeze me .. tears roll down my

cheeks. I drink from my bottle .. and wet .. love to blow bubbles.

Bath e my molded rubber body. My plastic head turns, is

hard to break. Accessories and instructions in my box.

Tiny Tears in Rocker-crib

Big, 16-inch baby with rooted Saran hair to comb and care for. Snuggled

cozily in her white plastic rocker-crib, ready for sleep. She's dressed

in cotton romper and bonnet; nice and warm under her rayon satin

brocade quilt. Zipper closes to keep the drafts out. Pouch at bottom

holds Tiny Tears' bottle, diaper, booties, pins, sponge bubble pipe,

and pacifier. Extra ruffly cotton dress and panties included. Booklet

of instructions, too. Rocker-crib 12xl l,Vzx18Yz inches long.


N 03243-Shipping weight 7 pounds.................. . .......

$1 7 .98



Sears Easy Payment Plan

. .

see page 294 fo r details

Tiny Tears with Layette in Play Pen

Just put Tiny Tears in her 18-inch square plastic play-pen to make

her happy. Quilted plastic pad cleans ea'lily. Tiny Tears is dressed in

cotton romper, is 16 in. tall, has lustrous rooted Saran hair to brush

and comb. She has a lovely cotton dress, bonnet, and panties, brings

her accessories in a clear plastic tote-bag. Accessories: Bottle, diaper,

pins, sponge, clothes pins, bubble pipe, pacifier, washcloth, booties.

79 N 03242- lnstruction Booklet included. Sh pg. wt. 6 lbs...

. .