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Swimmin' Pool and Baby Doll

Big Bath and Baby Doll

Baby Coos and complete Outfit ..


A real baby couldn't ask for more! I'm big ..

24 in. tall .. and have everything my mommy

needs to care for me to perfection.

Me first! I'm Baby Coos of soft-as-skin vinyl.

My arms and legs are jointed. my head turns. I

close my lashed eyes. Bathe me. too. l wear

panties to match my dress, bonnet. Plastic tote

bag holds bed sack, shoes, socks, soap, washcloth.

Play Table.

23 inches across! Sturdy hardboard

with tubular aluminum frame, wood beads.




Keeps me happy. 22 in. long. vinyl

plastic cover. Adjusts like real ones.

"Detecto" Doll-E Scale,

really weighs. With

Q-tips, powder, bottle, diapers, soap, plastic

"formula" items.


N T3293l-Cornplete outfit shown with doll.

Shipping weight 16 pounds. $2.50down ..Cash $ 2 1.95

49 N 3290-Doll-loyette-Tote bog. Shipping

weight 3 pounds 12 ounces....... $8.79


N 09237-Ploy Tobie. Shpg.


6 lbs.. . .



N 09325-Sit ' N Sleep. Shpg. wt. 4 lbs..


49 N 1307-Scole with accessories. Wt. 4 lbs.


Big 18-inch vinyl doll has moving arms, legs . turning

head. She drinks and wets .. has go-to-sleep eyes with

lashes. Her little pool is 19 inches across, 4% in. deep.

Inflates like big ones. "Water-baby" wears terry cloth

swim-trunks . . big towel and hooded terry robe to don

after her swim. Cottonsun-suit, bonnet, toys, soap,sponge.


N 3245- Doll, Pool, Accessories. Shipping wt. 3 lb5'...


Vinyl Betsy Wetsy. 12 in. tall. Drinks, wets,

cries tears. Molded hair, jointed arms, legs.

Lashed sleeping eyes.


diaper. Has kimono,

extra diaper, soap, washcloth. bottle. Metal frame

tub bath with tray.


in. high.


N T3289L- Boby, both, layette. Shpg. wt. 4 lbs .$7. 87


N 09235- Both only. Shipping weight 3 lbs... 3.97

20-inch Baby "Coos" in Glider Chair


Rooted Saran hair to comb, set;

coo voice. Lace trim cotton check gingham dress,.

bonnet. socks, shoes. Head turns. lashed eyes go–

to-sleep. Glider chair, real action. 18xl0xl 8 in.

high. Aluminum-finish steel frame.


N T3280- Doll and Glider. Shpg. wt. 7 lbs .. . $7.97


N 09246- Glider only. Shipping weight 4 lbs..


Budget-priced Baby and Bath

Big-value doll set . Pretty baby with her

own wood frame bath and layette. All vinyl

doll with jointed arms, legs .. turning head ..

drinks and wets. Has Saran hair to comb,

lashed glassene eyes that close. She loves her

bath and can be clothed on her ow11 dressing

table. (12x8x9Yz in. high.) She's dressed in

play suit; brings her kimono, bottle and bath

accessories with her. Shpg. wt. I lb. 10 oz.


N 3233- lOY,.in. baby, both, accessories $3.9 7




-inch Baby

Sweet little vinyl baby with

big brown eyes that close.

She drinks and wets, has

jointed arms, legs, turning

head. She's dressed in diaper

and flannel kimono . . has

bottle, sponge-toy, extra

diaper, towel, soap and

3 powder puffs.


N 3225- Wt. I lb.... $2.69

Contented Baby in Wood Playpen

All vinyl !3Yz-inch baby doll that drinks and wets.

Jointed arms, legs and turning head .. molded hair.

Lashed, glassene sleeping eyes. Dressed in cotton romper,

bonnet, and booties. She has her own bottle. rattle, pow–

der, clothespins, sponge, soap, swabs, clothesline. plastic

washtub, dress, bonnet, robe. Smoothly finished all

assembled playpen is !4xl4x l0Yz in. high, with swivel

casters. easy to attach. Plastic-coated playpen pad is easy

to wipe clean.


N 03254- Cornplete Pen- Doll- layette. Wt. 6 lbs.... $7.99