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132-piece Set

217-piece Set

Official Sets .. carefully detailed, historically accurate

A vast panorama of the Roman Empire as it was in the time of the Caesars unfolds before your eyes

in almost unbelievable detail. Here is the slave market where prisoners are sold on the block . _there

the Arena where gladiators meet each other in mortal combat, and the Galleries, before which Ben

Hur raced his chariot to victory. The Galleries:


inches high .. with graceful columns

ri<ing above .. here sit the spectators with the Emperor and Empress, watching Ben Hur race. Four

Roman chariots, pulled by four horses each, with harness and drivers. 66 figures include Emperor

and Empress, gladiators, slaves, charioteers, and Roman citizens. The Amphitheater:

1 6x4x6~


high. Within its arena are gladiators with sword and shield, fighting a lion and a tiger which have

been released through sliding cage doors. The Sl°'e Market and Bazaar: stand with canopy cover has

several slaves chained for the auctions. Bazaar food stall is canopy covered, has food containers

with molded plastic food .. this bazaar is the hub of the forum , center of Roman life. Other accessories

include a tent, portrait busts, lion , tiger, catapult, baskets, fountain, cart, couch, etc.



05985- 132-Piece Set. All items molded to scale in 3-dimensional plastic. Wt.


lbs... . ......... .... $7.98

79 N

05974- Giont 217-Piece Ben Hur Play Set .,. o real spectacular! Includes everything in the set above




chariots, extra 16 horses and 4 drivers; 40 Romans; two extra tents, braziers, tables, hassocks, lamps,

chests, urns, and hookahs. Also includes 2 extra working catapults. Wt. 7 lbs.... , . . •.......................

$1 2.93

Ben Hur Sword and Shield Set

Patterned after weapons used by gladiators

2000 years ago in their battles for wealth

and fame in the great arenas of Rome and

Antioch. Two metal shields, 12 inches in

diameter. Two 18-inch swords with flexible

plastic blades . _two metal scabbards.

49 N 2481 -Shipping weight 3 pounds.. . .. $2.89