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B[J BabieJ

light, easy to carry




Dolls that Drink and Wet

[) A sweetheart in ninon dress, bon-

net. Rooted Saran hair to comb

and set. Vinyl with lashed, go-to-sleep

eyes. Sewn-in slip, socks, shoes.

49N3153- J8-in. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. JO oz.$4.98


Soft vinyl baby, in pique coat, hat,

rayon dress, panties, socks. shoes.

Lashed sleeping eyes. Rooted "Perma–

curl" hair. Cries when squeezed.

49 N 3180-21-in. Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. 4 oz.$7.87

49 N 3179-16-in. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs... . .


Adorable Cream Puff

Precious Baby Coos


Sweet as cream .. light

as a puff. All-vinyl with

dimpled cheeks, coo voice

and rooted Saran hair to

comb and set. Lashed mov–

ing glassene eyes. Wears

organdydress, bonnet. Cot–

ton panties, lace-trim slip.

socks, shoes.


Lovable tot with "coo"

voice. Soft vinyl, with

jointed arms, legs . . turning

head, lashed go-to-sleep eyes.

Sits alone, has molded hair . .

can be washed.


cotton suit,

socks, shoes. The original

Baby Coos .. loves hugging.

Choice of 2 large sizes.

79 N 03182-24-inch.

49 N 3191-19-in. Shpg. wt.

Wt. 5 lbs.


$12.97.$1 0.97

49 N 3181 -21-inch.


Was $4.98 . ..

.... . ..


79 N 03195-24-in. Shpg. wt. 4 lbs.

Wt. 4 lbs. Was $9.97.... 7.99

Wos $8.97...

. ..... .. $6.97

Big "Little-girl" dolls, beautifully dressed

(]] 23-inch Walking tod-

dler . . . loves to go

strolling with her little

mother. Has hard plastic

body, vinyl head. Rooted

Saran hair, lashed sleep–

ing eyes. Arms, legs, and

knees are jointed. Comes

dressed in cotton dress,

half slip, coat, bonnet,

panties, socks and shoes.

79N03247- Shipping weight

4 lbs..... $9.98

79 N 03248-ln dress only.

Shipping weight 4 lbs...$7.98


Just an old-fashioned

Chubby Toddler, layette and Trunk

Adorable little girl, just 13 inches tall .. is so like little pre–

school toddlers. Soft vinyl, with jointed arms, legs ..

turning head. Bobbed, rooted acetate fiber hair and lashed

go-to-sleep eyes. Sweet nylon dress with attached slip.

Knit panties, socks, shoes. Her wardrobe includes a sheer

ninon robe, 2-piece pajamas of rayon and a straw hat to

go with her pretty dress. Light weight, "Air Flight"®

fiberboard trunk is lined; has 2 metal latches and hinges,

plastic hangers and sliding drawer for her "extras."

Size 14 x 8


x 7



49 N 3028- Doll, Wardrobe, Trunk. Shipping weight 4 lbs...$7.79

school-girl in neat

cotton dress, ruffled

bloomers . . and such ex–

citing black hose! Spat–

type shoes. Vinyl doll

with rooted "Perma–

curl" hair in new-style

tie-back long bob. Lashed


eyes. Arms and

legs are jointed. Head

turns. Extremely well

designed. 16Y. inches


18-inch New-born Infant

lovable 13 Y2-inch Baby




49 N 3340- Shipping weight

2 lbs.... $5.47

Sweet little baby of soft, easy-to–

clean vinyl . . arms and legs are jointed,

head turns. Lashed sleeping eyes,

molded hair. Comes dressed in diaper,

quilted dainty print nylon zipper–

bunting .. matching sacque and hood–

ed cap. Looks so like a new-born in–

fant, just waiting to be cared for ...

what little girl wouldn't love her.

49 N 3159- Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 8 oz.. . .. $5.97

Just a little bit of a thing ..

she drinks from her bottle and

wets. Soft vinyl with jointed

arms and legs, turning head.

Go-to-sleep eyes. Dressed in

undies, cotton flannelette ki–

mono, bonnet, tiny booties.

She's snuggled clown in a cud–

dly warm flannel sleeper.

49 N 3150- Wt. I lb. 8 1oz... $3.98