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We're big-as-life



waiting to play with you

• Each of us has lashed eyes that close realistically for sleep

• Our hard-to-break vinyl bodies are true-to-life proportions

Candy-sweet 3-year-old

$2 3.75

[] Little girl-of-your-dreams come

true! A pretty, 35-inch tall play–

mate with luxurious blonde curls, a

sweet, round face. Her dress is pepper–

mint-striped cotton with attached

slip. White organdy pinafore with sash

and braid trim. Lace-edged panties.

Stretch socks, patent leather shoes.

Perky ribbon bow in her hair. Buy her

size 3-year dresses, slips.

79 N 03374L-Shpg. wt. 8 lbs.. ... .. $2 3.75

Chubby 2-ye a r-old

$2 3.85


A little sweetheart .. with soft red

ringlet curls. Her chubby little

legs are just like those of a two-year–

old toddler. She's daintily dressed in

nylon organdy with lace trim, match–

ing rayon taffeta slip and panties ..

lace-edged. Stretch socks. Patent leath–

er shoes. A lovable little playmate for

a lucky little girl. Wears 18-month

size and she is 32 inches tall.

79 N 03372 L-Shpg. wt. 9 lbs....... $23.65

• Pose us .. our heads turn and tilt .. arms and legs are jointed

• Care for our rooted Saran hair as your mommy cares for yours

Pert 3-year-old Tot


[] So like a real little girl, in her crisp

play apron. Soft brunette hair

hangs straight .. braid it or tie it with

bows! She's 35 inches tall; dress her in

size 3 outfits. She comes to you in a

white cotton broadcloth dress with

attached taffeta slip, matching pan–

ties. Blue striped apron with big

"crayon" pocket. Stretch socks. Pat–

ent leather shoes. Ribbon in her hair.

79 N 03376L-Shpg. wt. 8 lbs... . ... $23.65

Adorable I-year-old $16.95


29 inches of bouncing baby. Her

blonde hair curls tightly around

her baby face. She wears daintiest

dotted swiss dress with lace trim . .

Rayon slip and panties. Stretch socks,

suede shoes. Wears size 12-mo.

79 N 03371 -1-yr.-old. Wt. 7 lbs.... $16.95

3 -month-old



(Not shown.)

Like baby above, but 3-month size ..

just 24 inches long.



79 N 03370-3-month-old. Wt. 6 lbs..$12.97

Orc'er extra clothing for Honey.Mate Doffs fro m the regular section of children's clothing


Sears Big Catalog. Use Easy Terms


see page 294