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Our Best Happi-Time Indoor Safety Socket Sets


Specially constructed socket has plastic threads instead of metal ..

gives a sure gnp on the bulb. No exposed metal parts .. the electric

contact is secured in bottom of socket to eliminate short circuits. Inde–

pendent-burning, assorted-color


lamps. Tough ceramic finish

resists scratches, stays bright. Clip fasteners. Add-on connector.

49 N 6596-10 fl. 8 in. 7·lighl Se!. Shipping weigh! 12 ounces ............ $ l



49 N 6598-21


4 in. 15-!ight Set. Shipping weight 1 pound 6 ounces.


49 N 6319-34 ft. 8 in. 25·light Se!. Shipping weight 1 pound 10 ounces.


Outdoor Twinkle Lights with Safety Sockets


Flash on and off individually, 16 in. apart. Independent-burning



lamps completely weatherproofed .. rubber

washers hold each lamp securely in place, keep moisture out. Tough ce–

ramic finish resists scratches, stays bright. Safety socket has plastic

threads instead of metal .. grips bulb securely with no exposed metal parts

.. eliminates short circuits. Permanent spring clips. Add-on plug.

49 N 6321 -JO


8 in. 7-light Set. Shipping weight 1 pound ..............


49 N 6331 -21


4 in. 15-light Set. Shipping weigh! 1 pound 13 ounces..... 5.66

Independent-burning Outdoor and Indoor Lights for decorating home and yard


Outdoor-Indoor NOMA Safety Plug Sets. Two

5-ampere fuses in plug catch short circuits.



lamps in assorted colors.

Rubber washers grip bulb securely, keep moisture

out. Add-on connector. Attachment clips.

49 N 6684-10


8 in. 7·1ight Se!. WI. 1 lb.. ....


49 N 6685-21 fl. 4 in. 15.light Se!. Wt. 1 lb. 13 oz. 6.49

49 N 6307-34 fl. 8 in. 25.light Set. WI. 2 lbs. 13 oz. 9.98

49 N 651 8-Extro Fuses. Wt. 2 oz........... 4 for 2 1c


Gleaming low-priced Outdoor Sets add

glamour to all your Christmas decorations. C-


lamps in handsome assorted colors are imported

from Japan. Lamps are colored inside .. scratch

and chip-resistant .. 16 in. apart. Set is weather–

proofed .. keeps moisture out. Comes complete

with cord, add-on plug and convenient connector

for attaching additional sets of lights.

49 N 6309-10 ft. 8 in. 7·1ight Se!. Shpg. wl. 1 lb...


49Nl>310-21 ft.4in.15·1ightSel. Wt.1 lb.13oz. 3.69


Happ i-Time Safety-Socket Outdoor-Indoor

Sets. Socket has no exposed metal parts ..

helps prevent short circuits..-\ssorted-color


lamps have scratch-resistant ceramic finish. Rub–

ber washers grip lamps securely. keep moisture

out. Add-on plug. Sturdy attachment clips.

49 N 6597-10


8 in. 7-light Se!. Wt. 1 lb..



49 N 6599-21 fl. 4 in. 15.light Set. W1. 1 lb. 13 oz. 4.98

49 N 6559-34 fl. 8 in. 25.light Se!. Wt. 2 lbs. 13 oz. 6.69

[]] NOMA Indoor Safety Plug Sets. Two 5-am-

pere fuses in plug catch most short circuits ..

can be replaced in seconds. Assorted-color lamps,

16 in. apart, burn independently .. have scratch–

resistant ceramic finish. Sturdy clip fasteners.

Add-on connector for attaching extra sets.

49 N 6581 -10


8 in. 7.light Set. W1. 12 oz ...


49 N 6591 -21 fl. 4 in. 15·1ight Set. WI. 1 lb. 4 oz. 4.98

49 N 6513-34 ft. 8 in. 25.light Se!. W1. 1 lb. 14 oz. 7.98

49 N 651 8-Extro fuses. Wt. 2 oz........... 4 for 21 c

Make Your Own Lighted Decorations with ON-A-LITE Do-It-Yourself Kit


A Brand New Idea in festive outdoor-indoor

decorations provides the entire family with

hours of fun! With an ON-A-LITE kit and your

own imagination, you can custom-decorate your

home. See the door decoration at right, as an

example. Kit consists of: 21 weatherproof sockets;

21 C-7


lamps in assorted colors; one 12-foot and

one 25-foot rubber covered cord set with add-on

connectors; twenty five 3-inch Glo-Stars; two 5-

inch ornament Glow-Stars; and ten 12-i nch plastic

decorator strips. Lamps burn independently.

79 N 06349-Shipping weight 4 pounds...... Kit


NOTE: All electrical items ha ve UL Approved cords and plugs; operate


110·120 volt, AC current