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Sa nta-Reindeer Stake-in Set (below). A festive,

prancing lawn decoration that can be used indoors

too. Includes 5 outdoor lights on weatherproof cord

with plug. Aluminum reflectors. Colorful red reins.

About 2l inches high. Weather-resistant plastic.

7 1N 02776-Shipping weight 4 pounds.. .. . ... Set



Christmas Sta r (above). Heavy vinyl plastic.

Hang from housetop or chimney. Weather–

resistant back. 3%;xl9Y,x29 in. high. Includes

one 15-watt bulb, 4-foot 4-inch cord and plug.

71 N 09671 -Shipping weight 3 pounds.. .. ... .



"Merry Christmas" Lanierns (above). 2-piece

vinyl plastic lanterns, 8 in. high. Full round,

printed both sides. Clip around bulbs of any


outdoor lights (lights not incl.)

71 N 3369-Shipping weight 2 lbs......... Set



Illuminating Santa Face. 3-D molded vinyl

plastic, weather-resistant backing. With

6Y,-ft. cord and plug. Bulb not included. 3-ft.

size sent freight (rail or truck) or express.

71 N M9699- 3 ft. high. Shpg. wt. 8 lbs.. . .. ...


71 N 09698l-2


high. Allow shpg


JO lbs...


7 1N 9696-14 inches high. Shpg. wt. I lb. 12 oz. 2.69


3 Christmas Carolers. Amazingly life like.

Expert lithography in full color mounted

on flat die-cut Masonite presdwood with alumi–

num sheet backing. Each figure 48 inches high.

Weather-resistant. Includes wooden mounting

stakes. Sent freight (rail or truck), express.

7 1N M9687- Shipping weight12 pounds .. Sel



3 Wise Men Stake -in. Set. Each figure 15

in. long, 25 in. high. Weather-resistant plas–

tic construction. Includes string of 3 outdoor

lights. Aluminum reflectors on each figure.

71 N 02778-Shipping weight 3 pounds..... Set


Large Santa-Sleigh with Reindeer

Illustrated above.

Beautiful, weather-resistant set is

lithographed in full, rich color; mounted on flat Mason–

ite presdwood cutouts with aluminum foil backing.

Sleigh 45 inches long, individual reindeer each 32 inches

high. Mounting stakes included.

Set contains Santa-Sleigh and 4 reindeer (2 pair)

only. Order extra reindeer on facing page. Set shipped

freight (rail or truck), express.

71 N MT9788-Shipping weight 30 pounds......... Set