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Orlon deep pile linings give you

handsome luxury plus

• perfect warmth in coldest weather

• feather-light weight for wearing comfort

• rugged wearability, stays soft and good-looking

• easy care-just hand wash, drip dry

Luxuriously warm .. hand washable

[] Surcoot. Lustrous combed cotton

cord with the all-weather luxury

of a super-warm, ultra-light Borg pile

lining of Orlon. Natural drape and

clean styling give you comfort and

good appearance, day or evening.

Sleeve and lower body lining is

quilted acetate. Front and back yokes.

side vents with adjustable tabs. Snug

fitting cotton knit cuffs. Average

length 31 inches. Hand wash.

See How

to Measure below.

State chest size

small (36-38); med–

ium (4Q-42); large (44-46); extra

large (48) inches. Sbpg. wt. 4 lbs.

41 N 6839- Tan

41 N 6840- Antelope brown .





Parka . Head to hip comfort is the

basic concept of this smartly

styled coat with detachable hood.

Body and hood are warmly insulated

with sleek Orlon deep pile lining.

Handsome. long wearing cotton cord

outer fabric. Sleeve and lower body

lining is nylon quilted to Orlon. Pad–

ded shoulders for trim fit, smart

drape. Side vents for greater freedom.

Hood zips on or off. Average length 34

inches. Hand washable. Makes a wel–

come gift.

State even chest size

36 to 46 in.


to order your parka early.




41N4912- Ten

41 N 49U- Chercoel grey..... . . .



Jacket. Free-swinging comfort and

high spirited styling make this per–

fect for the cold months ahead.

Wonderfully wearable, because it is

tailored of fine lustrous polished cotton

with a warm, lightweight Orlon pile

lining, and is completely hand wash–

able. Quilt lined sleeves. Banded waist

with side elastic inserts for trim, snug

fit. Smart cotton knit insert on collar.

Slash pockets. Average length 25

inches. Order yours now.

State even chest size

36 to 46 inches.

See How lo Measure below.


weight 3 pounds.

41N65·'4- Ton

41 N 6545- Airforce lmed.l blue.....



Surcoat. This is a beauty .. . smart

styling in handsome polished cot–

ton with a luxuriously warm Orlon

pile lining. A triumph of good taste ..

lightweight comfort. Pleasurably

warm, yet neat and trim



tiring weight. Needs minimum care ...

just hand wash, drip dry and wear.

Quilted nylon sleeve and lower body

lining. Stylish cotton knit trim on

collar and pocket flaps. Snug cotton

knit cuffs. 2-button adjustable side

tabs. Average length 31 in.

Stale even chest si=e

36 to 46 inches.

Shipping weight 4 pounds.

41 N 6827-Ton

41 N 6828- light grey .


for additional Suourban Coats, Surcoats

and Jackets . . latest styles. smart fabrics


Complete satisfaction depends on correct size.

Measure over clothing worn under jacket. Place tape around chest, well

up under arms and across shoulder blades. Number of inches is your size.