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Holiday House





of color


lattice look. Smocked for smart-

ness . . a design that's the latest

fashion news. Elegant all-acetate satin.

These luxurious pillows have neat,

cord-welted edges . . kapok filling.

Harn_1ony House colors

8 (Parchment

brown), 15 (Sage green), 17 (Spring

violet) , 19 (Tangerine); 10 (gold).


colur number.

11-inch round box pillow.

24 N l 672H-Shpg. wt. 13 oz. Each $2.94

12-inch knife-edged square.

24 N l 673H-Wt. 1 lb. 2 oz. Each 2.94

6x14-inch bolster.

24 N1674H-Wt. 1lb.10oz. Each 2.94


Miniatures. Gem-like hues and rich

velveteen c-0vers make these 10-

inch- p>IJ-Ows- royal gifts- fit for a prin–

cess. You'll want some for yourself,

too. Luscious colors are pre-blended in

co-ordinated sets of three. Knife-edged

square shape. Cord welted. Kapok

filled. Cotton velveteen. Dry clean.

Shpg. wt. set 1 lb. 4 oz.

24 N 1755-Geranium, Petal pink

bright, hibiscus .. Set


24 N 1754-Gold, dark Fem

green, rust ...... Set


24 N 1757-Turquoise, Mint green,

Capri blue .......Set 4.77

24 N 1758-Black, white, red. Set


24 N 1756-Bittersweet, rust,

ginger........... Set 4.77


Needle-point look. Printed covers zip off for

washing. Textured


cotton. Treated with

Scotchgard® brand stain repeller to resist spots,

repel soil. Kapok filled.


6(brown), 26(vio–


Please stal.e color 1111mber.


Iridescent rayon and acetate. Duotone ..

solid color reverse side. 13-inch knife–

edged square. Center button. Kapok filled.

Dry clean. Shpg. wt. 14 oz.

· 24 N1760-Beige with brown ..... Each $1.96

12-inch round box pillow.

24 N1761-White with black ..... Each 1.96

24 N 1740H-Shpg.


12 oz.......... Each $2.94

24N1762-0range with gold ..... Each 1.96

14-inch knife-edged square.

24N1764-Pink with geranium ... Each 1.96

24N1741H-Shpg. wt. l lb. 2 oz ...... Each 2.94

24N1763-Light blue withdk. blue. Each 1.96


Modern tweed . . heavy

cotton and rayon. Scotch–

gard® treated. Washable. Zip–

per. Kapok filled. Tweed


4(Aquamarine), 8 (Parchment

brown), 19 (bittersweet),

34(Horizon blue); 17(magen–

ta), 49 (mandarin orange).

State colar number.


round box pillow.

24N1691H-Wt. 14 oz. Ea.


16-inch knife-edged square.




Early American. Check-

ered cotton and rayon.

Matching fringe. Kapok

filled. Dry clean. 14-inch

knife-edged square. Wt. 1 lb:

24 N 1721-Ming blue with

Fem green....... Each $2.86


N 1723-Black

with white. ...... Each 2.86

24 N 1722-Spice brown

with black ....... Each 2.86


N 1720-Horizon blue

with red ......... Each 2.86


Nubby acetate taffeta ..

silk-look. Tufted. Kapok

filled. Dry clean.


25 (pea–

cock), 6 (dark Spice brown),

10 (Federal gold), 15 (Fern

green), 19 (bittersweet).


coror number.

16-in. knife-edged square.

24 N 1732H-Wt. I lb. Ea.


15-in. knife-edged octagon.


N 1733H- Wt. 13 oz. Ea.


13-in. round I-button pouf.

24N1734H-Wt.llb. 2 oz. Ea. 2.94