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Our Biggest Grune Chest


Sold only at Sears.

Packed with exciting games for one to

any number of players. Giant 107\l-in. plastic roulette

wheel, 22x10 7!!-in. green felt roulette layout reverses for

horse race game. 150 plastic chips, 6 plastic horses, plastic

chessmen, checkers, wooden dominoes, 5 plastic dice and

cup. Bowling dice. Playing board with chess, checkers on

one side; Chinese checkers on other. 15xl9-inch gray plastic

hinged case with compartments. Rule booklets.

3 N2853-Shipping weight 4 pounds................ $11.44


Small Game Chest. 87!!-in. roulette wheel. Green felt

roulette layout reverses for horse race game. 6 plastic

horses, pari-mutuel tickets. Plastic chessmen, checkers,

plastic cribbage board with pegs. 3 dice, 150 plastic chips.

l5Ux15X!'.-fn. combination board with chess, checkers on

one side; backgammon, acey-deucy on other. Rules.

3 N227-Shipping weight 7 pounds ...............




16-in. Roulette Wheel. Spin the wheel and watch the

fun. Biggest roulette wheel we've ever sold. High–

impact plastic with spoke spinner. Two 30x14-in. green felt

roulette layouts: one reverses for craps, one for black jack.

300 plastic chips. Two plastic balls, dice. Rules.

3 N228-Shipping weight 2 pounds 2 ounces ......... $8.66


lOY2-in. Roulette Wheel •• spins free and easy. Made

of high-impact plastic with spoke spinner.


green felt layout, steel ball, 120 plastic chips. Rules.

3 N2854-Shipping weight 1 pound 9 ounces...• . . .. $3.47



® •ceKM


Poker Chest with



Plenty of plastic chips for

the "big game." Raise box cover.

banker's tray automatically


out to get at chips. Tray marked

to dispense chips in fives.

137\lx8x1U-in. cardboard case.

3 N195-Wt. 2 lbs. 10 oz.. $3.88


Automatic Dispenser Poker

Rack. Dispenses chips from

the bottom of the selected stack

as fast as the center knob is

pushed down. High-impact plas–

tic. With 240 interlocking tilt–

edge plastic chips.

3 N 194-Shpg. wt. 3 lbs ..



Tryyour luck .. Games of Chance

Dice Shooter. Place bets

and watch as he shakes

"ivories" from his dice cup

onto dice table. Gaily at–

tired he waves money,

moves mouth. Metal. From

Japan. Uses 2 "D" bat–

teries (not incl.).

Spare-Time Bowling with

strikes, spares, splits! Scores

exactly like tenpin bowling.

Each dice has a pin on one

side. Shake and roll dice. any

pin face up is a pin left stand–

ing, no pins left-it's a strike.

3 N223-Wt. 2 lbs.



Homart "D" Batteries.

Ten %-in. plastic dice, 7-in.

bowling pin shaker, magic

slate scoreboard and stylus.

Instruction booklet.



4662-Wt. 8 oz.2 for42c

3 N203-Shpg. wt. 7 oz. $1 .98

Yahtzee • • the dice game that

makes thinking fun! Any number

of persons may play.


ust roll the

five dice and decide in which of 13

scoring boxes (aces, twos, threes,

straight, etc.) you wish to place

your score. Strategy enters in for

each possibility has a different

point value. Highest score wins.

Five dice, dice cup, score pad,

2 pencils and 20 bonus chips.

Easy-to-follow rules.

3 N




lb. I oz.$ I .66

Clapper • . a game of

chance for one or more

players. Object is to cover



numbers as designated

by throw of dice. Skill may

be developed in selection of

numbers to be covered.

Clapper tray of hard–

wood frame, cork-covered

field, 9 numbered wood

clappers, dice, scoring pegs.

Easy-to-follow rules.

3 N222-Wt. 3 lbs .. $5.33

Giant Tripoley Set ..


at Sears



We've designed an extra

large layout, 27x42 in.–

gives ample room for all

players. Made of long-last–

ing vinyl plastic .. rich jade

green with gold-color print–

ing. Foam-rubber backed ..

won't slide while playing.

An easy-to-learn game with

all the thrills, suspense and

challenge of poker, hearts

and Michigan rummy. As

many as nine can play.

Includes 200 interlocking

plastic chips, deck of play–

ing cards. Rule booklet.

3N 192-Wt. 2 lbs..... $6.66

Smaller Tripoley Set with 27x

27-inch vinyl-plastic layout.

An exciting, easy-to-learn

party game . . up to nine

people can play.

Combines.all the thrills. sus–

pense and challenge of poker,

hearts and Michigan rummy.

Includes 100 interlocking plas–

tic chips. Deck of playing

cards. Easy-to-follow rules.

3 N2844-Wt. I lb. 7 oz.$2.77

Dice Cup and 12 Dice.

Play put and take, poker,

craps-or invent dic e

games of your own.

Set includes 5 poker

dice, 5 regular spot dice,

pair of put and take dice.

Dice made of rigid plastic.

Brown leather, felt-lined

dice cup, 3U inches high.

20-page game booklet with

many exciting dice games.

3 N224-Wt. 8 oz... $3.88