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12-inch FloorModel Globe with excitingstereo–

relief . . you can actually feel the mountains.

GYRo-Mount allows globe to spin, also swing back

and forth to bring "down under" places into view.

Exclusive Danish-style base. Walnut-finished

wood post and leg tips with brass-finished arms.

Includes "Story of the Earth Satellites" and 96-

page "See the World on a Globe" book, distance

finder, magnifying glass. 34 inches high.

3 N4400C-Shipping weight 9 pounds . . ....$1 2.77


16-in. Floor Model Globe. Twice the area of

12-in. size .. over 50 in. around.



with base. GYRO-Mount. Two books as above incl.

3 N402C-Shipping weight 14 lbs..........$19.75


12-in. Table Model Globe. Highly detailed.

Time dial for comparing time around world.

Calibrated semi-meridian. Metal base. 32-pg. book.

3 N750-Shipping weight


pounds..... ... ..$6.96


Sears Family World Atlas. Latest maps, facts.

official census figures. Vivid color drawings and

description of solar system, rockets. Bible maps.

Simpla-Dex index tells quickly where to find all

given facts about a country. 388 pages. 9;!1;x12)1; in.

3 N1045-Shipping weight 4 lbs. 12 oz...... .$6.77

NOTE: See the new TOWER globe with exclusive

tracking stations in color on page



Crayola® Crayons.



inches. Box of 64.

3 N4735-Shipping.weight 1 pound .... Box




Donald Duck Pencil Sharpener winks while he

works. Produces short-stub safety point on

wood-cased crayons, standard crayons, pencils.

3 N3762-Shipping weight 13 ounces........ $1.77


Pencil Case. Blue and gold color cardboard

case with 2 drawers. 6 pencils, 8 colored pen–

cils. 7


ruler with multiplier, sharpener. Tri–

angle, protractor. 12 water colors, brush. llx6x2 in.

3 N4661-Sbipping weight 1 lb. 9 oz....... ..$1.67


Personalized Pencils. Name in gold on 24 pen-

cils. Postpaid from New York, N.Y. Order be–

fore December 15. Sorry, no COD's.

Print name.

f3 N 107XF_:_ (Shipping weight 4 ounces) .. .....97c

Pin it up, jot it down .. Chalk and Bulletin Boards


18x24-inch Non-glare Chalkboard. Green

writing surface helps reduce eye-strain ..

makes reading easier. Handsome, sturdy 1-inch

oak frame, mitered corners-add firm support.

Rail to hold chalk. Complete with chalk and

eraser. Hangers for mounting.

3 N4754C-Shipping weight 5 pounds.... $1.99

[]) 18x24-inch Cork Bulletin Board .. keeps

important notes and messages plainly in

view. Handsome, solid oak frame lends firm

support. Tan, fine-grained cork surface. Hang–

ers included for mounting.

3 N4783C-Shipping weight 5 pounds.. . ..$1.99


Magnetic Kitchen Memo Board . . post

notes with magnetic discs. Use memo pad

for writing.


inches. Beautiful copper

finish. Includes 3 magnetic discs, clip-on, 3x5-

inch memo pad, mounting hangers.

3 N3213-Shipping weight 2 pounds... ..$2.47


Non-glare Green Ch.alkboards.



dized aluminum frames. Tray, eraser, chalk.

3 N4737C-18x24 inches. Shpg.


5 lbs. $2.77

3 N'4738l -24x36 inches. Shpg.


8 lbs. 4.29

3 N4739N-36x48 inches. Shpg. wt. 19 lbs. 7.69


Magnetic Chalkboard. Write notes on

green non-glare board or post memos with

magnetic discs. 18x24-inch size . . ideal for

hallway, kitchen.


anodized aluminum

frame. Tray, eraser, chalk and 4 magnetic discs.

3 N4746C-Shipping weight 6 pounds.. . .



Cork Bulletin Boards. For memos and

favorite photos. Frames of one-piece


anodized aluminum. Fine-grain cork, fiberboard

backing. Tan color. Hangers for mounting are


3 N4775C-18x24 inches. Shpg. wt. 5 lbs.


3 N4776L -24x36 inches. Shpg. wt. 7 lbs. 4.94

3 N4777N-36x48 inches,Shpg. wt.13 lbs. 8.95

SHIPPING NOTE: '"N'" ofter catalog number (as 3 N 4739N) means sent freight (roil or truck) or express.


favorite stories beautifully told





Carefully selected for the lasting pleasure

they'll give your children. Complete authentic

texts for ages 9 to 16 .. books to be treasured

for years to come. Help in school, too.

Delightfully illustrated. Large, .easy-to-read





10(Adventures of Huckleberry Finn);

11 {Adventures of Pinocchio); 12 (Adventures of

Tom Sawyer); 14(Alice in Wonderland and

Through the Looking Glass); 15 (Andersen's

Fairy Tales); 17(Black Beauty); 19(Grimm's

Fairy Tales); 21 (Hans Brinker); 22(Heidi);

26 (King Arthur and His Knights); 28 (Little

Men); 29 (Little Women); 35 (Treasure Island).

Please state title number.

Shipping weight each

1 pound 8 ounces.

3 N 1700f-Each... . . ... ...... .$1.76; 2 for $3.44


bring exciting history to life





A fascinating way to present events and great

leaders in American and world history to your

child. Written by outstanding authors to help

youngsters enjoy history. For ages 9 to 15.

Each 192 pages.


in., indexed. Illust.


10 (Americans Into Orbit); 11 (Sinking

of the Bismarck); 12Uohn F. Kennedy; PT

Boat 109); 13 (Lawrence of Arabia); 14(Story of

U.S. Marines}; 15(Gettysburg); 16(The FBI);

17 (D-Day; June 6, 1944); 18 (Story of Secret

Service); 19


Fox of Revolution);

20(Pearl Harbor to Okinawa); 21 (Rise and Fall

of Adolf Hitler).

Please state title number.


ping weight each 1 pound.

3 N1680f-Each... ...........$1.76; 2 for $3.44