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RSV Family Bibles

King James Family Bibles

Now, for the first time beautifully crafted Re–

vised Standard Version family Bibles. Clearly

written in present-day English so that even dif–

ficult to understand passages in the Scriptures

take on a new clarity. Study helps include over

75,000 center-column references; 92-page con–

cordance defines and locates main words; Bible

atlas index; 12 maps in color; 32-page story of

Jesus; 64 pages of art masterpieces .. 32 in

magnificent color, 32 steel-cut engravings.

Presentation and family record pages for 5 gen–

erations. Large, self-pronouncing type. 1,312

pages have gold-over-red edges, thumb indexed.


durable Bible paper stock. About 7x10 in.

Personalized in gold.

Print name.

See Note

below at left.

These King James Bibles include many extra features to inspire

and enrich family worship for many years to come. Age-old Bible

stories take on new depth with 64 pages of beautiful art master–

pieces, 32 in full color, 32 from finely detailed engravings. Study

helps include 60,000 center-column references; 96-page concordance

that defines and locates main words; 160-page Bible facts book;

96-page study section; 16-page Bible atlas with 14 color maps.

Children's story of Jesus has 32 pages, 30 color illust. Family

record section makes these Bibles cherished keepsakes. Presen–

tation and family record section on parchment paper. Large; self–

pronouncing type. Jesus' words in red. Thin, tough white paper.

1,926 pages have gold-over-red edges. Thumb indexed. About

7x10 in. over-all. Personalized.

Print name.

See Note below, left.


Slack Morocco-groined genuine cowhide. Leather-lined cover.

R3 N 1901Xf-Shipping wt. 5 lbs.

$4 month .......


Cash $22.50


Black genuine leather binding. Flexible cover.


Black Morocco-grained Fabrikoid® arti-

ficial leather binding. Stiff padded cover.


R3 N 1967XF-Shipping weight 4 pounds 8 ounces .... . .·. 16.88

Free! 64 Art Masterpieces


beautiful Bible Cover


Bibles 151, 161 below. Some as 131, 141 above except binding.

Print nome.

R3 N 1986XF-Shpg. wt. S lbs........... $17.45

Black genuine leather. Flexible cover.

Morocco-grained Fabrikoid ar–

tificiol leather. Padded stiff cov–

ers. With masterpieces, vinyl

Bible cover. Wt. each 5 lbs.

R3 N 1988XF-Shpg. wt. 4 lbs. 8 oz... $17.45

Black Morocco-grained genuine cowhide

binding. Leather-lined flexible cover. A

wonderful gift that expresses loving care.

R3 N 1987Xf-Shpg.


S lbS.


mo. .

Cash $22.50

(5) R3 N1900XF-Red....$16.88

(6) R3 N1911Xf-Black.. 16.88

King James Personal Bibles

All have self-pronouncing aids and study helps

Fine new editions produced exclusively for

Sears, these Bibles make excellent gifts or

awards to youngsters. Adults, too, will find

them rich, inspiring reading. Complete, care–

fully prepared Bibles include 64 pages of helps;

Jesus' words in red; concordance defines and

locates main words; 16 beautiful full-color il–

lustrations; outline of life of Christ; presenta–

tion page. Clearly printed on strong Bible pa–

per. 1,208 pages. 4%x7


Name in gold on


Please print name clearly.

See Note



White imitation leather binding.



edges. Shipping weight 1 lb. 4 oz.

R3 N 1975XF-Overlapping style........$3.19

R3 N 1976XF-With zipper......... .. . .. 3.97


Black imitation leather binding. Red edges.



Shipping weight 1 pound 4 ounces.

R3 N 1977XF- Overlapping style... . ....$3.19

R3 N 1978Xf- With zipper. . .. ...... .... 3.97


Sears Bibles are personalized with

any name in 24K gold without extra charge.

To assure accuracy, please print name clearly.

Personalized Bibles cannot


returned unless

name is printed incorrectly. No C.O.D.'s.

Sears RSV and King James Bibles published

by Harper and Bros., National Publishing Co.,

Thomas Nelson and Son and \Villiam Collins



Co., Ltd. All recognized among the

finest, publishing Bibles of great excellence

over 95 years. King James Bibles not offered

for sale in Great Britain or its possessions.

These new editions have luxurious leather

bindings at surprisingly modest cost. Black

covers stamped in gold with gold and red–

edged paper. White covers silver stamped with

silver-edged paper. Bibles have 128-page con–

cordance that defines and locates main words;

64 pages of helps; 23 illustrations; 16 in

beautiful color; 8 maps. 1,376 pages.


in. Name in gold on cover.

Print name.

See Note below, left. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs.


Semi-overlapping style.

R3 N 1990XF-Black............. . .$5.77

R3 N 1991 XF-White . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6.47

(10) R3 N 1992XF-Wl>ite. Zipper. ....... 6.95


Our finest with beautifully crafted black

leather cover. Has more helps plus finer

quality paper than Bibles at left and above.

Wealth of helps include 64-page study section,

100,000 center-column references, 160-page

concordance (defines and locates main words),

24-page atlas with 12 color maps, pronuncia–

tion guide. Words of Christ in red. Strong,

thin India paper. Gold-over-red edges. Ribbon

marker. 1,625 pages. 4



fox7 inches. Gold

stamping on backbone. From England. Name

in gold.

Print name.

See Note at left.

R3 N1913Xf-Shpg. wt. I lb............ $7.87