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Extra-large Playcenter

with magnetic boards

Seats 4. Flip top to easel

positions-2 magnetic

boards appear. 72 mag–

netic letters. Space to

draw. Pegboard, 2 peg sets,

mallets, erasers, chalk,

crayons. Top has check–

erboard, tic-tac-toe, horse

race . . playing pieces. Easy

assembly. 24x52 in.

79N1 737l-Wt. 29 lbs. $12.88

Peg Tables provide hours of play and make learning more fun

Cobbler's style




Companion Flip-Top Peg Table


Two-in-one desk combines drawing

blackboard with pegboard for

pounding. Wood box frame holds

pegs, mallet, chalk, eraser. Enamel–

ed-steel legs. Wood seat, 12 in. high.

24x22-in. high. Easy to assemble.


N 1647C-Shpg.


8 lbs . .. $3.99

4-ft. Space Saver


• Blackboard

• Shelves

• Bulletin board • Storage

Keeps playroom neat, adds play

fun, too. Stow toys in roomy

bottom cubicle. Easy access to

games, books, via three open–

side shelves, each 9).2 inches

high. Bulletin board is 22).2xl0

inches; blackboard,


inches. Masonite Presdwood;

wood frame. 48x24xl 7 inches.

Assembles easily.

79N1738C-Sh pg. wt. 13 lbs. $11 .99

Triple-play blackboard of ponderosa

pine scores as pegboard or work desk

too. Fold to store. Top tilts to any

angle. Baked-enamel steel legs, 9

~-in.high bench. 18x23x26-in. high. Mallet,

pegs, chalk, eraser. Easy assembly.

Give your youngster the 2-seat desk .. twice the fun built right in. Two

sets of chalk, erasers, mallets and pegs to let him share his play with a pal.

They can slide back 2 chalkboards, pound pegboards beneath. Or flip

the top to white enameled side, decorate it with wipe-off crayons, play

games-even dine. Pon.derosa pine body, bright steel frame.


high fold-up seats. 45xl 7x23 in. Assemble without tools.

79 N

1813C-Shpg. wt. 10 lbs...... $4.99

79 N

1615l-Shipping weight 20 pounds... . .. . .. . . . . ... .... . .....$6.99

Easel Blackboards convert



Write on both sides of these easel blackboards. Each

converts easily to a good-sized desk . . folds




use. Budding artists can copy scenes from six–

picture scroll. Both boards have slate surfaces, are

framed in oal..-wood with natural varnish finish. Each

comes complete with chalk rack, chalk and eraser.



N 1867L-43x20 in. 16x14-in. board. W t. 14 lbs. $5.89



N 1868l-39x18 in. 14x12-in. board. Wt. 10 lbs. 3.99





Masonite Presdwood. Smooth

surface lessens glare on big

36x24-in. board. Natural finish

wood chalk rail. Note gay

stencils, alphabet to copy.

Chalk, eraser.


N 170.oll-Wt. 10 lbs..


Sturdy tubular steel frame

. . Two-side


Big 35x23-inch chalkboards give–

ing room to spare. They can draw on the green

or black side that is decorated with alphabet,

numbers. Hardwood frame, cadmium-plated tu–

bular steel stand. 39xl7x50 inches high. Eraser,

chalk included. Easy assembly. Shipped by

freight (rail or truck) or express.


N 1736N-Shipping weight 12 lbs... . ..... $4.99