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405 Bluebird Lane

Eight-room luxury house built of steel.

Two-story colonial style boasts these

features .. ringing doorbell, living room

light, vinyl-framed walk lined by plastic

shrubs and a plastic picket fence

around the swimming pool.

Colorful steel house has 22 plastic

doll inhabitants. Scaled-to-size,

they're made to be moved to any

of the 8 rooms: bath, nursery, bed–

room, family room, kitchen, laun–

dry room, living-dining area. At–

tractive appointments include

cloth draperies that frame 5 win–

dows; 3 window awnings; plastic

shutters and porch. Plus sports

car. 52 plastic pieces furnish 8

rooms, include record cabinet,

bed, buffet, tableware, washer,

lawn pieces, etc. Unassembled.

44x14x18 inches high.

79 N 1424L-Wt. 17 lbs...... $14.88

79 N 4660-"D" Batteries. Order 2

for house lights. Wt. 4 oz.. Each 16c

7-room Northern Colonial Metal House with sun porch



Steel house is painted to look like red

clapboard and white brick, with "land–

scaped" exterior. Portico has simulated

wrought iron door. Rooms include fam–

ily room, living-dining area, kitchen,

utility room, bedroom, bath, nursery.

Has 51 scaled-to-size plastic pieces.

Awnings shade second floor. 4 plastic

figures. Unassembled. 44x15x18 inches.

Conversat ion-piece design has its own fall-out shelter! This

15x8x38-inch house makes one of the most up-to-date toys you

can give little girls. They like the other special features, too,

like the plastic Dutch door that opens as one piece or swings

open only at the top or bottom, and the breezeway. There are

eight more attractive rooms. including the patio, den, living and

dining room, bedroom, nursery, kitchen and bath. Rooms are

tastefully furnished with 35 plastic pieces including chairs, sofas,

tables, beds, etc., all colorfully designed and each one scaled to

size. Assembles ea5ily.

79 N 1419C-Shipping weight 9 pounds......... . .. . ....... $5.97