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Furnish 5 doll-house rooms


with 36-piece Set



of high-impact plastic, each piece from sofa to

range resists breakage, encouraging furniture-moving

play. Distinguished by fine design, pieces have sliding

drawers, moving parts. Each, approximately 3


in. '.fo

brighten bath, kitchen .. pink, turquoise, yellow, green;

Jiving, dining, bedrooms .. mock mahogany, red, ivory.

49 N 1420-Shipping weight I lb. 8 oz.. . . .... .. . ...$2.88




Brighten her doll–

house with plastic

lamps that really

light. 3 bulbs, 3 bat–

teries incl. 2



high. Shpg. wt. 6 oz.

49 N 1426 ....Set 88c

Big Family and


Playground Set


Excitingly new, made

with stained wood • .

because there are no

outside walls child

can play easily from

all four sides

Give her a thrilling look at the

future with this spacious open

house. Inspired by newest de–

signs that drop the boundaries

between in and outdoor Jiving,

it's made minus outside walls.

She can play with ease from all

four sides instead of one.

Inside panels and partitions

move wherever she wishes, stim–

ulating her imaginative, dec–

orating ideas. Beautifully fur–

nished, it has gold-color, simu–

lated carpeting on the first floor;

simulated lights; fireplace; sun–

deck; mock-tile patio; pool.

About 36x20 in. Wood and Ma–

sonite Presdwood®. Assembles.

79 N 1425L-Wt. 18 lbs....$17.88

Designed to lead an active life, plastic

figures shun breakage, fit right into

plastic playground. With slide, pool,

seesaw, fence, gym set. 27 pcs.

49 N 1427-Shpg. wt. I lb. 3 oz.... $1.88

18-piece plastic set. Family only.

49 N 1428-Shpg. wt.


........... 88c

Doll Houses in pairs make friendly neighborhoods

6-room Colonial House. Has nursery, bedroom and bath up–

stairs; kitchen, living-dining area and utility room with sun–

deck, r •he second floor. This colorful steel model comes

/ '.

ctive plastic furnishings. 25}!1x9}!1x15}!1 in. high.

C-Shipping weight 7 pounds.. . .............$3.97




Sai•e 50 cents


buy set

of both houses below.

Shipping wt. t3 lbs.

79 N 1431 C2 ....Set $7.44

Either House

6-room Ranch House. Completely furnished bedroom, bath,

living-dining area, utility room, plus patio. Durable, colorful

steel .. designed to take lots of rugged play. 33x9x10 in. high.

Plastic furnishings are scaled to size.

79 N 1401 C-Shipping weight 6 pounds ................. $3.97