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Banquet-size 90-piece dinner service for 6 .. packed with more fun-giving extras than any set

we've ever sold. 5 big serving pieces to delight young chefs

dear plastic covers to show

food "cooking" .. modern square styling. PATIO WARE

looks like Mom's new glass cookware .. but it's high–

impact plastic (practically indestructible).

Complete 90-piece Set for six


Break-resistant polystyrene, with hard-gloss finish that

looks, feels .. even washes like glass. Set includes



casseroles, tray, 2 warming stands, percolator, skillet,

napkin holder, trivet, serving carafe, creamer and

sugar, salt and pepper. Also six each: 5-incb plates,

saucers, cups, goblets, knives, forks, spoons, napkins,

individual casseroles and carafes. Print on white.

49 N933-Shipping weight 4 pounds..... .....Set $5.66






Famous Russel Wright design

58-piece Dinner Set serves 6


High-impact plastic

Created by a famous- designer especially for very

little hostesses. T he wonderfully tough plastic is

extra thick and durable. Pottery colors stay bright

through years of doll parties. It's extremely re–

sistant to breakage. Set includes 6 each turned-edge•

plates (6)4-inch. diam.), cups, saucers, metallized

cutlery; clear plastic goblets, paper napkins. Als-o

sugar bowl with cover, gravy boat with stand, large

platter and casserole with cover. Delight your little

girl with this pretty gift service.

49· N944-Shipping wt. 2 lbs. 14 oz........ Set $4.44



Play meals 90 right· from stove to

table-. Little hostesses can serve make-·

believe entrees ..pining hot" in . 3

covered casseroles. AssGrted sizes.

Also skillet and percolator with cover.

W:.rming stand.




I lb. 2 oz.Set $1.44

Tea Set with sculptured look



for 6 .. Classfc


apphque m overlay plastic

The rich 3-dimension patterning of this tea set

fascinates little girls. They enjoy the complete–

ness. too .. creamer, sugar bowl, and even 6

miniature paper napkins are included. Six white

6Yo-inch plates with filigree border and blue–

and-orange center design, 6 matching saucers.

Pilcher and 6 cups in fluorescent orange with

raised white overlay. 6 knives, forks and spoons

in metallized silver color. Overlay pieces are

polyethylene, others are polystyrene; lasting

through countless tea parties. AU pieces are

break resistant.

49 N 91·2-Shipping wt. I lb. 8 oz...... Set


Hobnail-type Tea Set

69 items, service for 4 ..


even-includes play food


Authentic copies of colonial hobnail glass, in

white plastic ... plus the fun of full dimension

make-believe food (turkey, corn, fruit, jello,

baked potatoes, 4 slices of bread, 6 pie wedges).

Service for 4 includes 6-inch plates, cups, saucers.

dessert dishes, tumblers, pitcher, sugar bowl,

creamer, bread. basket, bud vase with bouquet.

Also metallized forks·, knives and spoons. Little

girls get long-wearing fun out of this tea set.

Everything but the paper napkins is practically

unbreakable plastic. Delight her with this play–

time gift set.

49 N938- Shipping weight I lb. 12 oz. .. Set