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Early American-style Doll Furniture

in maple-finished hardwood

Charming maple finish four-poster

accommodates tall dolls up to 24

inches, is 14 in. wide. Fresh, cotton

dotted Swiss covers the canopy

that curves up to 21 inches,

matches the spread. With cotton

padded mattress and bolster. Easy

to assemble; removable post tops

secure canopy, frame.

79 N 9350C-Wt. 8 lbs.....$10.98


Wardrobe with mirror

Array dolls' clothes neatly in

roomy 7xl4x27-in. high maple–

finish wardrobe. Masonite Presd–

wood ivory-color doors slide

open, revealing pretty plastic

hangers on full-length dowel

clothes bar. Foldables fit easily



deep drawer. Framed

glass mirror adjusts, attached to

well-turned posts. Height to ta–

ble top, 17 in. Partly assembled.

49 N 9349-Wt. 8 lbs. . . . ... $6.49






it up


Cradle swings


as musicplays

Swiss musical movement softly plays lullaby

as cradle swings gently back and forth. Qual–

ity of craftsmanship shows in its mellow

maple finish, its beautifully shaped body and

stand. Truly, a lovely addition to any doll's

nursery. The soft, cotton-filled mattress


printed with famed Early American Fife and

Drum motif, in yellow, green, black on maize.



inches high over-all. Cradle removes

from stand. Easily assembled.

79 N 9298C-Shippingweight 7 lbs....... $9.98


Cradle with mattress

Rock dolly to sleep in this big

hardwood cradle with mellow

maple finish. Sturdily built to

last through several generations

of dolls, it has well-turned corner

posts, dowel sides, rails. Steam–

bent rockers measure 19 inches.

Head panel is


inches. Dolly

rests in comfort on the softly

tufted cotton mattress and pil–

low. Colonial-print cotton covers

match high chair at right. 27x

14xl8 in. high. Partly assembled.

79 N 9247C- Wt. 9 lbs... . .$5.99

Upholstered High Chair

Dolly can come right up to the

table in this high chair, its col–

lector's item look lent by dis–

tinctive, Early American styling.

Note the turned arms and back–

posts. Mellow maple finish.

There are four leg stretchers,

even a footrest. Tray lifts up

giving easy access to the seat.

Seat and back are upholstered in

cotton print with "Spirit of 76"

motif. 12xl3x28 inches high

over-all. Partly assembled.

79 N 9351L-Wt. 7 lbs.. . .. .$6.49

Bassinet of woven fiber

rolls on plastic casters

Reflecting Victorian elegance, our white en–

ameled bassinet is perfect for baby dolly's

nap time. 23x12x26


high over-all. Hood

detaches. Folding legs lock. Nylon organdy

skirt .. ruffie trimmed with embroidery.

Cotton pillow, mattress have matching cov–

erlet. Assembled. Doll not included.

79 N 9329C-Shipping


7 lbs...... $10.99

Hardwood Bunk Bed Set

Several dolls can bunk in these blond-fin–

ished beds that stack up to a tall 28 in., are



wide. Animal decals decorate ply–

wood panels. Plastic-covered mattresses flip

from plain to print side. Assembled.

79 N 9228C-Shpg.


10 lbs.........$7.88

Musical Cradle plays lullaby

Turn key in foot panel and rock dolly to

lullaby. Natural-Jinish wood sides; screen

signs on pastel hardboard end panels. 2lx12x


in. high. Assembles easily.

79 N 9288C-Shipping


4 lbs.... . . . .$3.98