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Wind the Swiss music box ..



to lullaby music

19-inch vinyl doll lulled to sleep in her musical cradle, shuts

her thickly-lashed eyes just like a real baby. She looks appeal–

ingly pretty .. her rooted plastic hair is done in a wispy baby

style, adorned with a big rayon satin bow. Her chubby arms and

legs are jointed.



Doll comes dressed for naptime in a braid-trimmed nightie

of cotton broadcloth. Keeping her warm is a lace-trimmed

quilted rayon satin coverlet and pillow. Her plastic nursing

bottle is tied to her hand. She drinks and wets. Cradle of woven

fibers has vinyi liner, swings on decal-trimmed wooden frame.

2Sx14x18 in. high over-all. Swiss music box plays rock-a-bye–

tune. Basket has movable hood and plastic beads.


N3250L-Shipping weight 9 pounds...... ..... . . ...... $15.98

Cuddly Baby has her own basket . .


Drinks from self-refilling bottle

22-inch infant is


bundled up in her blanket of rayon and cotton

fleece and snug baby clothes. She wears cotton diapers and rayon

sacque. Her woven splint basket has smooth vinyl liner, trimmed

with rayon taffeta and net. It's fun to "feed" her, too. Raise the

pretend, Carnation nursing bottle to her mouth .. see the milk

"disappear" (no liquid escapes). Turn it upright-bottle refills like


Doll's soft cotton body is Kapok and foam filled. She has

clenched fists, true-to-life toes and rooted, pixie-styled plastic hair.

She even shuts her eyes when she's sleepy. Arms and legs are sewed

on, giving her greater flexibility.


legs and head are skin–

toned vinyl.



3251 C-Shipping weight


pounds........ ..... .. . .. .... .. $9.98

Soft-cuddly Baby Doll with

her own car


and layette

to go traveling with you

Even at these low prices, Sears


fully jointed dolls .. each with thickly lashed, go–

to-sleep eyes, and a plastic rooted, "poodte" hairdo that's so much fun to wash and

set. All these dolls come dressed in lovely infants' wear designed for easy dressing

[] 15-inch Toddler



1,ightweight, plastic body

that wii>es clean easily. She

drinks and wets, carries her

own plastic bottle. Lace–

trimmed dress is colorful

cotton. Knit panties, rayon

socks, slip-on vinyl shoes.





lb. $2.95


18-inch drink-and-

wet baby

has a light–

weight, wipe-clean body

of molded plastic. · She

brings her own bottle and

hopes you will feed her.

Cotton print dress. with

lace, sewed in rayon slip.

Wears knit panties, rayon

socks and vinyl shoes.

49 N 3036-Wt.2 Jbs.$3.89


19-inch drink-and-

wet baby

is made

of easy-to-clean sturdy

plastic. Bottle included.

Cotton pique dress,

lace-trimmed rayon

coat and bonnet. Knit

panties, socks, vinyl

shoes. All dressed for

travel. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs.


20-inch, drink-and-

wet boby

of bath–

able, life-like plastic

brings her own bottle.

Embroidery and lace

trims her nylon dress

with attached petti–

coat, bonnet. Cotton

panties, socks and

shoes. Wt. 2 lbs. 8 oz.

14-inch baby has a huggable, cotton-stuffed

doth body with vinyl arms and legs, sewn-on

to move many ways. Comb the rooted plastic

hair fringing her life-like face. She comes in

a print cotton romper, but you can show her

off in the pretty cotton print dress with match–

ing bonnet or dress her for bed in her cotton

flannel diaper and kimono. To keep her warm

.. knit booties and a cotton flannel receiving

blanket. Her portable car bed makes it easy

to take her visiting. It is plastic on a sturdy

metal frame. Ab<>ut 1Sx7x4 inches.




49 N 3261 ........ $4.97

49 N3052 ........ $4.97

49 N3258-Shipping "![eight 3 lbs.......