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20-inch Doll with the most lavish


wardrobe we've ever sold


Here comes the bride ... ready to bring a

world of enchantment into your little

girl's playtime hours. Our bride is ready

for the magic aisle in her exquisite gown

of rayon satin and lace with petit point

apron. Bridal veil crowns rooted plastic

hair. She carries a bouquet, wears rayon

panties and high heels. Her torso and

jointed legs are sturdy plastic. j ointed

arms and turning head with moving

eyes are skin-soft vinyl. Trousseau:

rayon street dress, full length formal;

simulated "fur" jacket; nightgown,

negligee; street coat; bouffant petticoat,

simulated pearl choker, nylons, shoes,

purse, hat. 20x13x5-in. fiberboard trunk,

metal hinges, plastic handle, 4 hangers.



3698C-Shpg. wt.


lbs.. ... .$11.88

8-inch Drink-wet Baby

with 16-piece layette

Vinyl body is completely jointed,

sleeping eyes. Layette: sheer rayon

dress, bonnet; skirt with blouse;

vest; pique dress, bib; cotton

sleepers; sunsuit; washcloth; diaper,

shoes; sponges, hangers, bottle, bag.



3531 -Shpg.wt.1lb.8oz.. $3.99




15-inch Toddler with



Wardrobe, Trunk

Charming little girl has sleeping eyes, moving

arms and legs. Soft vinyl head turns, her short

bob is rooted plastic. Body is sturdy plastic.

She comes in flocked nylon drees; wears knitted

panties, socks with vinyl shoes. Wardrobe:

nylon housecoat, cotton dress, leotard pants.

Fiberboard trunk (16x10x6 in.) with metal

hinges, 2 hangers; brush, comb, mirror, purse.

49 N3692-Shipping weight 3 pounds.....



20-inch Ballerina

with 16-piece Wardrobe

Exciting star of the ballet will pir–

ouette right into your little girl's

heart. She creates moments of magic

with her walking mechanism that per–

mits her to toe dance or walk when

led by a star-struck little girl. Doll is

fully jointed, with movable head,

waist, arms, legs, ankles ... can be

placed in many ballerina poses.

Ponytail plastic hair is rooted. Soft

vinyl face has go-to-sleep eyes.

Sturdy plastic torso, arms and legs.

Wears ballet Tutu over knit stretch

tights, ballet slippers. Wardrobe:

rayon formal, stole; skirt, blouse;

lounging pajamas, housecoat; panties;

hangers; hose; shoes; socks; handbag.


N 3697-Shpg.


2 lbs. 12 oz.$9.89

16-inch Schoolgirl



with Trunk, 16-piece Wardrobe

Here's a lovable bundle of charm all ready for your young teacher.

Perky acetate ponytail is rooted to soft, vinyl head with go-to-sleep

eyes. Sturdy plastic body has jointed arms, legs, turning head. Doll

is dressed in plaid acetate taffeta dress, panties, rayon socks, vinyl

shoes. Wardrobe: cotton cordana coat; cotton housecoat; 2-pc. cotton

pajamas; 2-pc. cotton dress; straw hat, nylon nightgown. Accessories:

comb, mirror, brush, Kleenex, curlers, 3-pc. luggage-all in 17x12x6·

inch trunk with metal hinges, plastic handle.


N 3693-Shipping weight 4 pounds


ounces . .... , , ,,,,, . •.. $7.29