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Cowpoke Double Holster

Extra-wide holster pockets slap against his leather

chaps .. contour belt supports back on those long

cattle drives. Black top-grain cowhide.



bullets in spinning chamber of 11-in., bronze–

finished metal 6 shooters. Waist sizes 22-30 in.

49 N 2653- Shipping wt. 3 lbs. 6 oz. . . . . . Set $4.97

Break-barrel Cap Pistols

Bronze-color die-cast metal pistols fire roll caps,




long. Top grain .cowhide holsters with

cross straps . . belt fits 22 to 28 in. waist.

49 N 2650- Shipping weight 2 lbs. 4

oz.. .

Set $2.97

Get set in seconds! Flip lever back and load bullets in revolving

chamber. Fire single-shot caps that stick to the 12 play bullets. The

two 11-inch metal beauties have antique bronze-color finish and bone–

like grips. Natural-color top-grain cowhide holsters with saddle–

stit<;}ied brown panels. Cowhide belt has steer-head tooling and large

buckle. Fits 18 to 28-inch waists. Holsters have leather leg ties.

49 N 2616-Shipping weight 2 pounds 12 ounces. , . ... .. . . . .



Roy Rogers Buckskin


Two 50-shot repeater cap guns in holsters of

natural buckskin. Leather grips on silver-color

guns make this a real "show" set. Die-cast metal



in. long. Cowhide belt fits 22 to 31-in.

waist. Not for sale in New York City.

49 N2655CG--Shipping wt. 2 lbs.10 oz.. . Set $3.97

Roy Rogers "Low-slung" Set

Holster of top-grain cowhide packs two 8-inch,

die-cast metal pistols with gleaming silver-color

finish, bone-like grips. Pistols fire roll caps. Wide

cowhide belt and buckle fits 20 to 29 in. waist.

Not for sale in New York City.

49 N2710CG- Shipping weight 2 lbs. . .. . Set $2.97

Guns shoot soft plastic bullets

Six-shooters fire caps, smoke, shoot plastic bullets.

Cylinders revolve. Black die-cast metal. 10


long. 16 plastic bullets, 8 brass bullets. Black

plastic holsters fit 22 to 31-inch waist. Not for

sale in N.Y. City or Massachusetts.

49 N2682CG--Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 4 oz.. .. ..Set $4.77

Texas Ranger Holster Set

Top-grain cowhide holsters have western steer–

head design. T wo 9-inch side-loading guns of

sturdy die-cast metal


rich bronze-color finish.

Pistols fire roll caps. Belt fits 22 to 30-inch waist.

49 N2715- Shipping weight 14 oz. . . ... .Set $1.97


Caps are



with any cop-firing toy.