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HO Gauge

means track is about



in. wide, engine

about 2 in. high

7-unit H


Diesel Freight ..

2-level scenic base .. over 20 ft. of track



65 other play pieces

Greatest array of features, most exciting action

we've ever offered in an HO set at this low price

Complete with



powerpack ·



Hobby size-scaled 50% smaller than regular or "027"-gauge trains-yet every

bit as exciting. Seven-unit Diesel freight, 42 in. long, roars through the tunnel,

past mountains and farm land as it streaks up and down the scenic layout.

Locomotive has New Haven markings, gleaming headlamp. Runs fast or slow,

forward or reverse, couples and


its cars-all by remote control!

Scenic layout measures 45x55x5 inches high. Includes 65 lifelike plastic play

pieces-trees, farm house, animals, telephone poles, etc. About 260 in. of run–

ning trackage with


sections of track giving continuous over-and-under rail

system. Uncoupler-rerailer operates N.M.R.A.* couplers, puts cars back on

track. Plastic cars include coal hopper, tank car, fiat car with boat, fiat car with

two automobiles, sliding-door box car, caboose. UL listed 1Y2-arnp. powerpack

(110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC) has 4 posts; gives 4 to 18-volt DC to run train,

18-volt AC for accessories. Sent freight (rail or truck) or express.

79 N 9940N2-Shipping weight 21

pounds....... . .............

Complete $29.98

HO Train and Turnpike Thriller

Combines the excitement of railroad and super–

highway traffic in one big play set. Two autos

speed along superhighway, stop


let 5-unit

train roar by. It's all by remote control!

Complete with






Three youngsters can play at same time. One highballs the mighty

Union Pacific Diesel freight under viaducts, through tunnels on

the big 46x48-in. scenic mountain base with trees and plastic road–

guards. Two other youngsters can race 1962 T-bird and Corvette,

each with us own speed control.

Plastic-and-metal 28-inch train includes locomotive, hopper car,


car, cement car, caboose. Run train fast or slow, stop or

start- all


remote control.

112-inch track {15 track sections plus


The two plastic automobiles are 2)4 in. Jong and are powered by

electric motors. Race along 129'1;-in. 13-section turnpike. UL listed

powerpack with circuit breaker reduces 110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC

to 18-volt AC-DC. Sent freight {rail or truck} or express.


N 9548N2-Shipping weight 20

pounds.• . .. . . .. .

Complete $39.98