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Our Finest Quality

Men's Manicure Sets


Handsome 7-pc. Set. Brown leather

case with genuine suede lining holds

a hot-forged cuticle scissors, extra–

sturdy nail nipper. deluxe nail clip, extra–

large triple-cut nail file, sure-grip tweezer

and combination cleaner-pusher. 77:('x

37\! inches. 14c Fed. Tax included.

8 N9442E-Shpg.


10 oz.....



Precision Implements .. 8 pieces. All

the very finest for good looks and

long use. Barrel-spring toenail nipper.

cuticle nipper. hot-forged safety nose

scissors, sure-grip tweezers, extra-du–

rable file plus 2 other fine pieces. Hand –

some case is ginger tan top-grain cowhide

with soft genuine suede lining. 4x6)/i

inches. 34c Fed. Tax included.

8N9443E- Shpg.


I lb.... . ...


Musical Gifts that help him entertain



Beer Mug. Good cheer at a low, low price. Colorful

ceramic .. 4 in. high. Buy several to make up a set.

A low cost stocking stuffer. Plays a drinking tune.

8 N9106-Shipping weight


pound 4 ounces...... .



Decanter. Ship's lantern "lights" the way to

for everyone. A decorative addition to your bar or

liquor cabinet. Glass bottle holds


quart. Ship's design

on brass trim. 107\! in. high. Plays a drinking song.

8 N9069-Shipping weight 2 pounds 4 ounces.....



Cocktail Shaker. This "fire extinguisher" is handy to

have around in emergencies too. Red and white cera–

mic. About


inches high. Recipes of popular drinks are

cleverly printed on labels. Plays a drinking song.

8 N9079- Shipping weight 2 pounds....



Beer Stein.

Was $3.79.

A bit of the old world. Deep–

cut 3-dimensional figures, animal handle. Colorful

ceramic .. 8 in. high. Plays a typical drinking tune.

8 N9018-Shipping weight 2 pounds... .



Brown Jug with Jovial Mon. Watch him "stagger"

around the lamp post to the tune of "Little Brown

Jug." Ceramic jug with plastic doll. About 872 in. high.

8 N9004-Shipping weight 2 pounds.............



Ship in Motion. Beautifully hand-crafted Spanish gal-

leon once more "sails the ocean" in majesty. Up and

down she goes in the choppy sea, her sails pushed out by

the wind. A fine collector's item. Colorful wood ship is

about 9 in. high. Brown wood base. Plays a romantic tune.

8 N9168-Shipping weight


pound 12 ounces.... .


NOTE: All items above are fine art products from Japan

Gifts that help him stay well groomed


Men's 13-piece Manicure Set. Hot-forged nail nip-

per plus 3 scissors-nail, cuticle and safety for nose

plus pocket clip and 7 other implements. Black leather

case with red lining. !Sc Fed. Tax incl. 3%x87:(' inches.

8 N9441E-Shipping weight 8 ounces...........



Men's 7-piece Manicure Set. Toenail nipper, fin-

gernail clip, knife. cuticle scissors, 2 others. Brown

leather case, tan lining. l


Fed. Tax incl. 3x5



8 N9440E- Shipping weight 6 ounces.

. ..



Manicure Crow. This crow's a pal, not a pest. His

tail is a handy nail clip. Hand-crafted hardwood.

Head swivels. 4 inches high. Gift boxed.



9472-Shipping weight 8 ounces.

. ......



Manicure Donkey. A conversation piece. Has cuti–

cle scissors for eyeglasses, nail clip for tail. Hand–

crafted hardwood. Movable legs.


inches high.

8 N9474-Shipping weight 1 pound.

. ......



"6-in-1" Manicure Knife. Stainless steel. Cuticle ·

nipper, nail scissors, nail file with cleaner, cuticle

pusher and knife blade. 2%xYs inches. Boxed.

8 N9263-Shipping weight 5 ounces...

.. .$4.98


Toenail Nipper. Finest hot-forged heavy-duty

steel with a high-tension double spring that cuts

even the toughest nails. 5% inches. Gift boxed.

8 N9262-Shipping weight 8 ounces............




Pocket Manicure Knife. Has file with cleaner point.

attached scissors, knife blade, 3 other implements.

Stainless steel. Leather case. 27:1xYs in. Gift boxed.

8 N9471 - Shipping weight 3 ounces.




Pinto Groomer Set. Yippee for neat little boys and

girls. Black and white plastic horse is cute and

helpful .. has saddlebags that hold nail clipper, file,

toothbrush and comb.


in. high. Made in U.S.A.

8 N9478-Shipping weight I pound.

. ..


NOTE: 7, 8, 9, 10, 14 imported from Germany; 11 , 12, 15 from Japan; 13 from Italy