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the shaggier, the better

Slippers -with heavenly


luxurious looks·

• Kitten-softness, instant comfort

• Favorites in the dorm or at home

• Attractive gift idea ... sure to please the young-at-heart

[) She'll :ulore padding around

in this thick and extra long

hair shearling lamb slipper. Cozy

cotton lining. Padded sole, low

wedge heel.


C (med. wide) 5C, 6C, 7C,

SC, 9C, lOC.

State size,

Wt. 1 lb.

15 N3100F-Pastel blue

15 N3102F-Lavender

15 N3·101F-Pink

15 N3109F-Red

15 N3103F-White

15 N3106F-Black . ...... .



Pamper her with this cuddly

treat for her toes. Shaggy

bootee of genuine shearling lamb

rides high on the foot. Cozy Acri–

Ian® acrylic sock (insole) lining

nestles her foot in comfort. Soft

padded imitation leather sole.

Shipping weight 1 pound.


C (medium wide) SC, 6C,

7C, SC, 9C.

Please state she.

15 N3164F-Rose.·pink

15 N3163F-Vivid blue.

15 N3165F-Black . . . . .. ..


"Charge It" if you wisb



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Hand-beaded leather slipper,

popular moc styling. Fluffy rab–

bit fur trim. Padded sole and heel.


C (med. wide) 4C, 5C, 6C, 7C,

SC, 9C, IOC.

State size.

Wt. 1 lb.

15 N3115F-Light blue

15 N31·12f.:.....Royal blue

15 N3111F-Bone

15 N 3116f.:.....Red

15 N3117F- White

15 N3114F- Black. . . . . . . . ..


[]] Glamorous sling scuff... genuine

shearling lamb vamp band is a

fluffy topping for her toes. Long–

wearing· Guardtex sole and medium

wedge heel:


C (med. wide) SC, 6C, 7C,

SC, 9C.

State size.

Shpg. wt. 1 lb.

15 N 3078F-Medium blue

15 N3079F- White. .. .... . .



Bootee of cotton velour, gar–

. nished with gold color metallic

trim, rayon plush collar. Vulcanized

rubber sole, heel.


B (med.) 5B, 6B, 7B, SB, 9B.

Shpg. wt. 1 lb.

15 N3il55P-Raspberry pink

J.5 N 3854F-Turquoise

15 N.3856F'-Gold color. ... ..



Moc style slipper of imitation

leather: Hand-beaded Indian·de–

sign. Soft rabbit fur collar. Cotton

lining. Padded .sole; wedge. heel:


C (med. wrde) 4C, 5C, 6C,

7C, SC, 9C.

State size.

Wt. 1 lb.

15 N3768F-Red

15 N3766F-Qrchid

15 N3767F- Light blue

15 N3764F-White


15 N3765F- Pink . . . .... .....