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My eyes open and close when I move

After my bottle, I shed real tears

14 inches tall. So lifelike, so cuddly, so perfect

for a little girl. This wistful baby comes

dressed in a blue stripe outfit with a pink bib.

Your little miss will have hours of fun as she

cares for this lifelike doll. She drinks from a

bottle. When her stomach is pressed, look at

her eyes till up with real tears.

\\'ind her up and she moves and stretche5

like a real baby. Rock her in your arms and

watch her open and close her eyes.

Cute baby's face, vinyl head, arms and

legs, cloth body. Fully rooted hair. Wears

all of Tiny Thumbelina's clothes.

49 N 3121-Wt. 1 lb. 10 oz..... . .. $8.88




and cries

until Mommy picks

her up

About 20 inches long. Just

wind the key in her back and

lifelike Thumbelina will wriggle


cry like a real baby. Pick

her up to cuddle and she'll stop

crying instantly.

Dressed in an adorable knit

outfit. Vinyl head, arms and

legs. Cloth body filled with

plastic foam. Little girls love to

wash and comb her rooted Saran


Shipping weight 4 pounds.

49 N 3213........... . .$9.99



Such a lazy baby •.

she moves and

stretches as


she just woke up

She's 14 inches long. Just wind disc in back and she

makes lifelike movements. Vinyl head, arms and legs.

Cotton body. Rooted Saran hair can be washed, set

and combed.

Baby wears lovely pink lace-trimmed cotton organdy

dress, cotton slip, diaper and booties.

49 N 3211-Shipping weight l lb. 8 oz.. . ....... $6.29

Extra Outfits for Tiny Thumbelinas


Creeper Set. What little mother could resist Tiny

in this cunning cover-all set. bootees. Three clothes–

pins for washday use. Doll not included.

49 N 3242-Shipping weight 6 ounces . . ........ $2.19


Pajama Set. For sleepy-time hours. Hot water bottle,

cotton terrycloth animal for play. Doll not included.

49 N 3046-Shipping weight 6 ounces .......... $1.94


Pram Suit. To keep baby warm .. 2-piece suit with

attached hood, bootees, 2 hangers. Doll not included.

49 N 3244-Shipping weight


ounces ....... . .. $3.27





Plastic with calf-finish

tote for any 14-inch doll.

Carry Tiny Thumbelina

and her clothes to your

playmate's house. Heart–

print lining. Clothes rack



plastic hangers;

accessory drawer. 14x4x

14 in. high. Shipping

weight 2 lbs. 11 oz.

49 N 9208 ...... $2.97





Picture Tiny Thumbelina

nestled in this pink and white

rocking crib . , snugly, soft

and cozy . . all ready to be

rocked off to sleep. Soft

pad. Rocking crib is per–

fectly decorated with Tiny

Thumbelina hearts. Plastic

19xl0x14 in. high over-all.

Shipping weight 3 lbs.

79 N 9209C ........ $2.97