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Mold your own troops .. quickly, easily with

Emenee's FORMEX "7"

Military Casting Set

Make 3-inch high soldiers, jeeps and cannons. Build your own army .. up to

24 figures. Just put Formex "7" compound into pan on Dyna-Cast thermal

unit .. standard electric bulb melts compound. Then pour into casting molds

and dip into cooling tank. Remove hardened compound .. begin military

maneuvers. Non-toxic Formex "7" can be re-used countless times for hours

of fun and enjoyment. Set includes 1 pound of compound, Anny green color;

electric bulb. 110-120-volt, 6()-cycleAC.

79 N l 662C-Shipping weight 4 pounds ...................... Set $4.99

Extra Molds, Compound for Formex "7"



Compound. 1-lb. package.

49Nl668-Green 49N1671-Neutral

Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 2 oz.......Package.82c

Refill Sets. 3 plastic molds and 4 oz.

Formex "7" compound. Wt. ea. 7 oz.

49 N 1694-Monsters......... Set 82c

49 N 1679-Cowboys, Indians. Set 82c

49 N 1687-Jungle Animals ... Set 82c

49 N 1698-Military Vehicles. Set 82c


handle, dazzling discs whirl the colors

Color Tum-A-Scope by Emenee

Watch the exciting swirl of colors and patterns .


constantly changing,

different designs with every turn. Get fantastic kaleidoscope effects with

discs supplied.


create your own beautiful designs by coloring reverse

sides of discs. Even use disc as pattern and cut out colorful pages from

magazines. Sturdy plastic Turn-a-Scope, 9x9x4 inches high. Set includes 6

color discs, color pencils and sharpener, eraser and scissors.

49 N 1646-Shipping weight 1pound14 ounces .............. Set $2.99




Play-Doh Fun Factory

12 interchangeable dies form variety of shapes

Just extrude Play-Doh -compound through modeling dies. Form building

blocks, logs and other play shapes. Have fun making your own buildings,

cabins, fences. Set comes complete with two 7-ounce cans of clean, non-toxic

Play-Doh modeling compound, trimmer and instruction booklet. Order extra

Play-Doh compound below.

49 N 1695-Shipping weight 3 pounds 2 ounces ....... . ...... Set $2.88

Play-Doh Jewelry Maker

Make rings


pins, bracelets you can really wear

Form beautiful gem-like shapes .. attach to any of 130 fittings for necklaces,

rings and other jewelry items. Just insert modeling compound into 1 of 4

color-keyed matching molds .. place it in Jewelry Maker forge press and

press down handle. Dries hard in 24 hours .. wear your ovm personal jewelry

the next day. Set

contain~ 6x5x8~-in.

plastic forge press; 4 sets of plastic

molds; 130 non-metallic jewelry fittings; 7-ounce can of clean, non-toxic

Play-Doh; idea book. Order extra Play-Doh compound below.

49 N 1696-Shipping weight 2 pounds 8 ounces............. . Set $3.88

Play-Doh Play-Pack

For lots of modeling


Four 7-oz. cans of Play-Doh compound

and easy-to-use


Contains 6 plas–

tic Play-Doh cutters, 4 outline pictures

for wall plaques. Idea booklet.

49N1870-Wt. 3 lbs. 4 oz. Set $1.59

Junior. Fun Factory

Tot-size high-impact plastic ex–

truder for 3-D creative modeling

with soft, dean, colorful Play-Doh.

Includes dies


make 10 different

shapes, trimmer, three 2-oz. cans

of non-toxic Play-Doh.

49Nl 728-Wt.1lb.6oz. Set$1.59

4-pack Play-Doh Compound Set

Use as refills for our Play-Doh kits or for hand-modeled

objects you create. 7-oz. cans. Red, yellow, blue, white.

49 N 1871-Shipping weight 2 lbs. 4 oz... Package 72c