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You can actually hear heartbeats

with this stethoscope



and Nurse



Stethoscope, with an amplifying diaphragm, is designed like the one

used by a family doctor. Made of plastic, rubber, 10


in. long. Kit

also includes growth, health record and eye charts, exercises, micro–

scope, slides, watch, head reflector, reflex hammer, microbemeter, wash

pan, spoon, vaseline can, shingle, cotton, slips and signs, diploma,


structions, chicken pox and measles patches.

Doctor Kit

also includes arm band,



also includes cap, cape,

nose shield, medical book, office

apron, hot water bottle, funnel,

clock and more. Black plastic bag.

scissors, red plastic bag.

49 N 1614- Wt. 1lb. 6 oz.$3.59

49Nl628-Wt. llb. 6 oz..$3.59

49 N 1653-Stethoscope only. Shipping weight 8 oz........... 88c

Kenner's Let's Play Hospital $588

Like a real hospital .. even an elevator that stops at 4 floors. Remova–

ble wall panels form rooms and wards. Rearrange, decorate with put-on

and take-off curtains, clocks, pictures, signs. 35 pieces of plastic


ture and equipment. Dress and play with 20 plastic doctors, nurses,

daddies, mommies, children and babies .. many stick-on, pull-off out–

fits. Play from all 4 sides. 200 pieces. Made of sturdy fiberboard and

plastic, 29 in. high.

79 N 1623C-Shipping weight 5 pounds....................$5.88




50-piece Doctor and Nurse



Doctor Kit

includes microbe-meter, of- · Nurse


includes cap, arm band, tweez-

ficesign, head reflector, play stethoscope,

er, funnel, reflex hammer, vaseJine can,

microscope, slides, play hypo needle to

play stethoscope and a play hypo

give shots, and more. Carry everything

needle. 41 other items. The little nurse

in the black plastic bag.

can carry it all in the red plastic bag.

49 N 1622-Wt. l lb. 2 oz.....$2.59 49 N 1632-Wt. 1 lb. 2 oz ..... $2.59

Compact 26-piece Doctor and Nurse



Small plastic bag holds play stethoscope, earoscope, hypo needle to "give shots,"

thermometer, microscope, slides, diploma, head reflector, wash pan, spoon, shingle,

eye chart, certificates and other items, also complete instructions.

49 N 1627-Doctor kit. Shipping weight 15 ounces ..................... $1.59

49 N 1652-Nurse kit. Shipping weight 15 ounces ...................... 1.59



on the way with this Corpsman Set $777

Be a front-lines medic with this


medical corpsman outfit. You can actually carry

the "wounded". Set 5-foot stretcher down on its rigid plastic legs. Give battlefield

"casualty" water from canteen, hypo "shot," "plasma" transfusion-even pills that

taste like candy. Bandage "wounds" and lift him onto the sturdy cotton-and-steel

stretcher. Wear the adjustable plastic camouflaged helmet and medic armband. All

in military colors.

79 N 1863C-Shipping weight


pounds............................... $7.77

60-piece Combat Medical Kit $399

Just like the army medics on TV .. a modem-day outfit complete with all basic

requirements used by the army medics. Plastic helmet. plastic canteen, 2 "dog

tags" with chain, first aid kit, sound stethoscope, hypo needle, blood plasma bottle,

emblem pin and whistle, plus 50 medical items for "Battlefield" care.

49 N 1699-Shipping weight 2 pounds ................................ $3.99