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Top Stand

Revolves freely, turns

board for each player

Here's the perfect stand to use

with your Carrom Board. Care–

fully made of smooth hard–

wood, this stand turns freely

to give each player the perfect

position for playing. About

26 inches high.

Shipping weight 3 pounds.

79 N 225C .. .... ..... $2.95

Spin with SKITI'LES

Spin the top and


it rico–

chet wackily off sideboards,

through holes. The more tenpins

knocked down, the higher your

score. Wood "bowling alley" 32x

15x4 in. high with 2 tops, wind–

up string, 12 tenpins, rules.

79 N 374C-Wt. 9 lbs... $5.99

Puck-chasing game involves clever

shooting, speedystickaction. Wood

railed board with mitered corners

locked with steel strips; hardboard

Send your ring sliding across the board and


you pocket another point

106 family games


on one board .. play CARROM,

checkers, spin-top, Crokinole and other favorites

Warp-resistant 3-ply plywood board, 28Yz inch square,

with 2 playing sides. Strong solid wood frame. Reversi–

ble net pockets. Everything you need is included: 30

plastic Carrom rings, 2 cues. 10 hardwood tenpins, 3

spinning tops, 15 numbered discs, 6 flies, 1



score tab and rule book.

79 N 489L-Shipping weight 10 pounds ....... $6.88

Box of 30 extra plastic Carrom Rings.

49 N 459-Shippiug weight 8 ounces ........... 97c

Fast-action KIKIT

Just flip the wood kick-sticks to

pass the


toward opposing

team's goal or to block shots at

your own goal. Fine lacquered

hardw<>Qd rink, 29x12x3 inches

high with net pockets. Exciting

fun for two to six players.

79 N 37lC-Wt. 7 lbs... $5.99




play surface; 25x37x2Yz in. high.

Plastic score counters; hardwood

play sticks, pucks; goal nets.

79 N 332L-Wt. 10 lbs. $4.99

Ten active skill games .. Mattel's MAGNETEL

A bonanza of fun and games for all ages, ranging from skid pool to skid

tic-tac-toe. Some easy enough for a 6-year old .. others intriguing enough

to challenge adults. "Shoot" by snapping back spring-loaded cues. Plastic

board, measuring about 26x16 inches, has side and corner pockets and

9 magnetized spots. Set includes 6 magnetic and 10 non-magnetic discs.

Complete with cue disc, rack and instructions.

79 N 147C-Shipping weight 4 pounds ... . .. ... . .. ...... . .Set $4.66

Miniature Pool

Fun for the whole fam–

ily. Plastic table about


in. long with

6 pockets, felted sur–

face, automatic return

ball feature . Two

spring-loaded cue

sticks, 16 colored balls

and ball rack.

Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 4 oz.

49 N 170...... $2.29