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6-in-1 Game Alley

lets you choose

what to play


Bowl on 2x9-ft. long lino–

leum with 10 bowl-spots

at end. Ten 117a-in. poly–

ethylene bowling pins, two

5-in. balls. Shufileboard

with printed triangles both

ends; 2 pushers, 8 discs.

Plus ring-toss base, pole, 2

sets of 3 numbered rings.

Printed dart target on lino–

leum, 4 suction cup darts.

2 racing games; spinner, 4

each racers and jet planes,

printed track. With carrier

to store pins and balls.

Shipping wt. 10 lbs.

79 N 2459C . . . Set $6.88

All Star Bowling

with flip action



Big excitement for J



year-olds .. learn to bowl,

making strikes, spares,

splits. Pins flip up when

ball strikes. Ball returns

automatically. Raise tray

to reset 4-in. polyethylene

pins; 2Y2-in. plastic balls.

Steel alley with multi–

colored design.


9 in. high. Wt. 4 lbs. 10 oz.

49 N 2410 . ... Set $4.88

Bowling Outfit

with pin spotter


Set it up, start rolling. You

and your family can bowl

in living room or outside.

Polyethylene balls and pins

are easy on the ears. Regu–

lar 15-in. high pins add

realism to game. Big 9-in.

ball with J finger holes

looks like real ball. Vinyl

sheet included with regu–

lar spot positions.

Shipping weight 6 lbs.

79 N 25Bll. ... Set $3.89




Help youngsters build

sturdy muscles while de–

veloping good balance.

Linoleum layout is printed

with hopscotch markings,

2x8 ft. long. Includes 2

hopscotch pitchers. Outfit

also includes ringtoss base

and pole with 2 sets of 3

rings eacll, numbered for

scoring. Plus a set of Jacks

and bouncy rubber ball.

Instructions for allJ games.

Shipping weight 6 lbs.

79 N 2460C ... Set $3.44



Pin Setter

Hit pins ..

they flip up

Push down ..

they reset


10-in-l .Bowling Alley

features timesaving

Automatic Pin Setter


Play 10 different games. Bowling .. a fast game with two 5-inch

balls. Shuffleboard with 4 pushers, 8 discs. Ten checkers for

checker pitch, shuffleboard bowling, Tic-Tac-Toe and golf.

Three racing games, 4 each racers, horses, jet planes. Four

darts for target. Plastic parts. Printed linoleum, 2x12 ft . long.

79 N 2456L-Shipping weight 14 pounds ......... Set $9.99