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88 •

Simple to set up or store



Billiard Table

Strong steel frame .. 41-in. long

Fun for boys and girls, ages 8 to 12. Molded-polyethylene pockets. Ball

return at end of table. Folding aluminum legs. Blue-green cloth, hardboard

base. Rubber cushions. Wire rack with score markers attaches to table

frame. Sixteen


'-'le-in. balls, rack, two 30-in. cues. 23x41x28 in. high. Rules.

Sent freight (rail or truck) or express.

79 N 122N-Shipping weight 22 pounds... .. ... ..•. ..... .... ... $15.88

Exciting 5-in-1


Grune Alley

For up to 4 players, ages


to 12.

Bowling ball returns automatically.

Rings bell. 10 pins, 2 balls, 2 pucks,

4 horses, 10 discs, spinner. Wood

frame. 52x1lx22 in. Unassembled.

79 N 338L-Shpg.


10 lbs.. $4.89

Ping Ball

by Parker Bros.

Hit bal,l past opponent

5 times and you win

Here's a family-type indoor

game you play like tether ball.

Provides action, excitement.

For 2 players. Plastic stand

with 2 straps attaches easily

to table top. Ball on cord,

plastic pole, 2 wood rackets.

Shipping wt. 2 lbs. 8 oz.

49 N 340 ...... . ... .. $5.89




Play bowling .. skillball ••

shuffleboard .. horse racing .•

or disc pitch.

Scale model of regulation tables in an easy-to-store size. About 30x

18x6 inches-use it on any table. Steel frame, automatic ball returD..

Rubber cushions. Blue-green playing surface on hardboard





balls, two 24-inch cues. score beads, rack, rules.

79 N 336L-Shipping weight 10 pounds ................... ,$8.47

Pint-size Billiards . . 25 inches long

Perfect for little pool players, ages


to 9. The small siu makes shooting

easy. 15 inches wide. Steel frame


rounded comers. Automatic

ball return. Rubber cushions. Hardboard


green-cloth playing

surface. Sixteen




2 cues, playing rules.

79 N 269C-Shipping weight S pounds.... . ................ $4.95

A totally new concept in billiard-playing


make shot.a

from angles you never thought possible

Play just like regular pool. Hole near center adds exciting challenge

to the game. New geometrical shape lets you make unusual angle and

bank shots. Can be


on any table. 32x.l4 inches long. Hardboard

sides have h&ndsome walnut finish. Green-cloth playing surface, rubber

cushion. Non-marring bottom. Ball return. Ten l)>i-inch balls, two

32-inch hardwood cues, rack. Instructions. Ages 10 to adult.

79 N 334N-Freight


or truck) or express. Wt. 20 lbs....$23.88