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boots 'n plaid

Her washable strawberry-blonde

rooted hair can be styled in oh–

so-many ways. Long-lashed

eyes. open and close. Moist–

looking lips, tinted nails .. in

true Italian craftsmanship. So

cheerily dressed. Jointed all

vinyl body,

13 ~

inches high.

49 N 3448-Wt. llb.S oz.$7.99




In pompon knit

Precious little cherub in a soft

pink knitted dress that goes

perfectly with her brunette root–

ed hair. Hair can be washed then

set in any style. Moving eyes.

Dainty fingernails polished to

match lipstick . . jointed vinyl

body. 13


inches high.

49 N 3446-Wt. 1 lb. 8 oz.$7.99



A perfect little pixie. Brunette

rooted hair tied up in ponytails

with ribbon to match dress, hat.

Big blue moving eyes. with curly.

curly lashes. AU plastic iointe<l

body. vinyl head.


a cheery cotton

party dress, the little Italian miss

stands a pert 12 inches high.

49N3439-Shpg. wt. 12 oz.. $4.99

French Coquette

3 Dolls and outfits

direct from France



Sophisticated Italian


stands a

stately 20 in. tall. Dressed in lined wool cape

and wool pleated skirt dress. Hat sits smartly

on long. long nylon hair that can be combed,

washed. Cotton socks. high boots complete

outfit. This proud beauty has eyes that open

and shut; "Mama" voice. Blown polyethylene

plastic. Hair color may vary.

79 N 3437C-Shipping wt. 3 lbs.... . $17.99



In gay blazer and pleated skirt

So chic this Frenchy miss. Her wool blazer is

fully lined. Has nylon petticoat, knit panties.

Beret perches perkily on rooted nylon hair

that can be styled .. includes shampoo booklet.

Curly lashed eyes open and shut. Fully jointed

plastic body, soft vinyl head. 16 in.

49 N 3457-Shpg. wt. 1 lh. 12 oz.. . ... . $7.99



In knit sweater, cotton skirt

School girl in well-made outfit, knit socks,

pants, vinyl shoes-so real .. made of soft vinyl,

moving parts. I;ong curled lashes, go-to-sleep

eyes; delicately sculptured hands, facial fea–

tures. Rooted vinyl hair. 13 inches high, com–

plete with writing book and pencil.

49 N 3444-Shipping wt. 1 lb. 10 oz.... $4.99



In 2-piece cotton print dress

Saucy cherie whose long-lashed moving eyes

peer llirtily from under pert straw



body, moving arms, legs, head. Fine features.

Rooted vinyl hair prettily styled in twin pony–

tails. Vinyl shoes. Knit socks, pants. Even has

purse to match dress. 13 in. high.

49 N 3445-Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 10 oz...... $4.99