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There are hours and hours

of fun packed into Mary Poppins'

Magic Flyjng


Can you imagine a little girl with all these

things to do? 128 pages to color from her

8xl 1-in. Mary Poppins book .. Mary Poppins,

Jane and Michael dolls with magic stay-on

costumes from the 19th century .. 32 pages

of Mary Poppins sticker fun .. Mary Poppins

full-color jigsaw puzzle .. 12 coloring and paint

books .. Mary Poppins magic slate

And there's so much more! 8 extra-heavy, die-cut colorful board stencils

in a variety of shapes and sizes with two 24-page play books and 12

sheets of construction paper; 8-color paint palette with brush; plastic

safety scissors; 6 crayons; 32 pages creative paper for drawing, painting,

etc.; 256 activity pages to color and paint; 12 Tiny Tale picture story

books; 3 magic paint-with-water colored boards; sewing cards; yarn

laces; daisy chains; weaving strips; straws; four 8x10-inch sticker sheets

in various shapes; color picture guide with instructions. 65 whimsical,

color pieces in all that store in the big, colorfully decorated box that

looks just like Mary Poppins' famous Magic Carpet Bag .. and it's made

of heavy, sturdy cardboard.

3 N 477-Shipping weight 6 pounds 8 ounces ..... . ........... $4.97




For children

3-8 ..

Barbie, Ken and Midge


Young Travelers Play Kit


Here's what you get: Barbie and Ken dolls, Barbie and Ken puzzle, 1 set

Barbie and Ken pre-cut costumes, 2 plastic stands, plastic scissors, Barbie

Fan Club membership blank, Barbie magic slate, 4 sewing cards, 4 laces,

6 crayons, set of 8 paints with brush, 3 coloring-and-paint books, 3 Tiny

Tales books, 1 pkg. daisy chains, 4 weaving strips, 4 sticker sheets, hearts

card game and a Barbie, Ken and Midge coloring book . . a total of 50 pieces

plus 64 sheets creative paper. " Suitcase" carrying and storage box.

3 N 469-Shipping weight 4 pounds 13 ounces...... .. .. . ... ... .... $3.88

Tammy and her



Family of Dolls

Five board dolls .. Tammy and her delightful family-Mom , Dad, sister

Pepper and brother Ted, plus a set of beautiful die-cut clothes; Tammy color–

ing book of 132 pages; Tammy puzzle; magic water-color paint with board

plus color picture guide with instructions; magic slate with stylus; magic

wipe-off board with 5 magic crayons; plastic scissors; 6 crayons; 8 paints

with brush; 4 sewing cards; 4 laces; package of daisy chains; 12-sheets multi–

colored paper .. 52 pieces plus 32 pages creative paper. Storage box.

3 N 694-Shipping weight 3 pounds 6 ounces ...... . .. .. . ... ..... $2.97

Chatty Baby Twins and

their Busy Day Fun Box

A set for the younger child . . includes simpler activities that will keep her

amused for hours at a time. Tiny Chatty Baby twins with stands and their

own 25-piece colorful punch-out twin outfits. Tiny Chatty Twins frame-tray

puzzle. Even at this low price you get a set of 40 pieces plus 32 sheets of

creative paper.


includes a sturdy, handsome carrying case, 4 sewing

cards, 4 laces, 6 crayons, 8 paints with brush, 4 play straws, 4 weaving strips,

a package of daisy chains, 12-page picture story book, plastic scissors.

3 N 425-Shipping weight 2 pounds 4 ounces .. . . ... . .... . .. . . ... .$1.97