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handsome boxes containing activities to keep a child delighted hour after hour

.. on rainy or just busy days .. many featuring a favorite movie or TV character

Woody Woodpecker and


his TV Treasures

This is a wonderful set for the budding young artist. Features a paint pal–

ette with 8 colors, brush, three l4J'\lx8Y.-in. paint boards that can be matched

by color or number, palette with 12 colors for paint-by-number boards,

Woody drawing slate, stylus, 16 crayons, two 8xl l-in. rub-a-pencil books,

Woody coloring book. Plus metal scissors, pencil, two 8xll-in. puzzles, 4

exciting Woody games, 20 activity books, large scrap book, Woody paper

doll book .. a total of 42 pieces. Colorful, sturdy carton.



697-Shipping weight 2 pounds 10 ounces .... .. ............ .$3.88

Giant Super


Fun Maker

One of our most popular sets year after year . . you actually get 58 pieces at

this low price. 8-color paint tray, brush; 23 activity and coloring books;

"Chilly Willy" magic slate; 3 Casey Jones railroading games; memory game;

2 big puzzles. 2 paint-by-number boards; dot-to-dot book; 4 magic wipe–

off cards, eraser; wet-the-brush book; tracing and coloring book; 12-color

paint palette; 2 stencil cards; golf pencil; metal safety scissors; scrap book;

8 crayons; ball-point pen; sewing cards; yarns. Colorful storage box.



696-Shipping weight 2 pounds 14 ounces .. . . .... ... .. .. ... . .$2.77

TV Clubhouse .. featuring Annette,


Mickey Mouse and the Mouseketeers


Every little TV viewer will want to join this club. Mouseketeers puzzle

and Tell-a-Tale book; 4 Mouseketeer dolls, costumes, accessories .. 46 pieces;

Annette doll, costumes; 256 Annette coloring pages; Mickey Mouse Club

magic slate and coloring book,


crayons, 8 paints, brush; Lady and the

Tramp puzzle and sticker fun book; Sword in the Stone punch-out book; 8

Tiny Tale books; 6 coloring and activity books; sewing cards, straws, daisy

chains, laces, sticker sheets, weaving strips. A total of 50 pieces.



486-Shipping weight 2 pounds 6 ounces .. . ...... . . . . . ...... $4.97 ·

Yogi Bear and Magilla Gorilla



Happy Circus Days

Hey there- it's Yogi Bear and Magilla Gorilla leading a flock of fun and

things to do. Includes 128-page Magilla coloring book, puzzle; Yogi Bear

activity set with 10 cut-out boards featuring Yogi, Cindy and Boo Boo, big

30x30-inch backdrop; Yogi Bear sticker fun; Flintstones magic slate; 6

crayons; 8 paints and brush; plastic scissors; 4 coloring and paint books;

play money; 4 sewing cards; 4 laces; magic wipe-off card; 4 sheets colored

paper. A total of 37 pieces plus 64 sheets creative paper.



693-Shipping weight 4 pounds 4 ounces . .. .. . . . . ... •.. . .. .·.$2.97

Doll House with

$ 147

3 Dolls, Furniture





Barn Full


of Fun

Punch-out doll house is easy to erect. Children


have hours of fun assembling the house and

furniture. 4-room, 2-floor house is completely

furnished and ready to move into when fully

assembled. And there are two 15-in. dolls and a

5Yz-inch doll . . 17 complete outfits of punch–

out clothing. AU pieces are in full color.



630-Shipping weight 2 lbs. 6 oz..... $1.47

A chimney full of fun things to make and do to

help celebrate Christmas. Includes The Night Be–

fore Christmas Tell-a-Tale book and coloring

book; Christmas stencils book; 3 coloring and

paint books; 4 sewing cards; 4 laces; 6 crayons;

8 paints, brush; 12 sheets red and green paper;

Gay Purr-ee puzzle; 32 sheets creative paper.



468-Shipping weight 3 lbs. 4 oz..... $1.97

Includes fourteen 7

~x5 ~-inch

coloring and ac–

tivity books .. 16 pages each; three


color-by-number books with 16 pages each plus

8 crayons; metal safety scissors; self-erasing slate

with wood stylus; gummed sheet to make 88 daisy

chains; colorful palette with 6 paints and brush.

Brightly-decorated barn stores everything.



700-Shipping weight 2 pounds ..... $1.47