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Ride along

merrlly on

this big


Pliable plastic



.. big wheels roll with ease

Toot-toot! Make way! Here comes your little engineer, steering the sharpest/

locomotive on the block. Realistically-detailed with bell and bellows whistle.

Easy-turning swivel wheels, guided by steering handle. Sturdily built to take

hours and hours of rough play .. steel frame and axles. About 28 inches long ..

about 13 inches high. Black. Comes completely assembled.

79 N 5240C-Shipp1ng weight 8 pounds.. ............ ..... ....... $3.78


Dump Truck

Slide-in seat can be removed to make

a regular dump-truck .. tailgate opens

for dumping. Steering-wheel actually

steers. Red and white steel with rub–

ber tires. Chrome-plated bumper

and hubcaps. About 22 inches long.

49 N 5341-Wt. 7 lbs. 8 oz... $4.66




Fire Engine

Sleek fire engine for the young fire–

fighter at your house. Remove the

plastic ladder at the scene of fire. Rug–



-steel frame with dummy head–

lights. Steering-wheel guides wheels

right or left.



plastic wheels

with deep tread tires. Over-all 10x11x

24 in. long. Partially assembled.

79 N 5280C-Wt. 6 lbs ...... $2.99

Giant Ridem Tank


soft plastic


from rotating turret-top cannon

Realistic tank of molded green plastic with black camouflage

decorations. Authentic-looking star and numeral decals. 12-inch

shooting cannon. Easy-rolling swivel casters. 36 inches long .. seat

height 10 inches. Partia.lly assembled.

79 N 5339L-Shipping weight 6 pounds.................$5.88

Speedway Special ..


and streamlined

for young racers ages 2 to 5

Red Ride-a-way racer with sporty silver-color trim. Made of high–

impact plastic for rough use. Polyethylene plastic steering wheel

lets you turn front wheels easily. Hom makes "beep-beep" sound


clear the way. Treaded plastic ba.lloon-type tires. About 16



Partly assembled.

79 N 5340C-Shipping weight 6 pounds ................$4.88

Streamlined red scooter of durable,

sturdy polyethylene. Steering cross–

bar handle shows instrument dials,

turns steering-fork for front wheels.

Platform area for coasting or carry–

ing a friend. Heavy-duty wheels,

axles. Silver-color decoration. About

23 inches long. Partially assembled.

79 N 5234C-Wt. 5 lbs.... $3.44

Bright red tractor of tough poly–

ethylene plastic with silver-color

trim on body and wheels. Steering–

wheel and gearshift lever. Hook on

rear for pulling tot's wagon or other

toys. Free-rolling wheels, heavy

axles. About 20 inches long .. seat

height 10inches. Partiallyassembled.

49 N 5237C-Wt. 4 lbs . . .. $1.99