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Chain-drive Tractor hitches to 1-seater

Dump Trac that dumps by lever action


Tractor hitx:hes

to Trail Trac



tail gat.e



Super Diesel Tractor

Has authentically-styled engine block and


front wheels

Makes real, motor sounds when you shift the gears


like a real


Shift gear to get motor sound

from chain-drive

Trac.tor and


Trail Trac"




Tractor. Steel chassis with plastic ex–

hausts, "plugs." Adjustable seat, hitch,

step plate. Full ball bearings. 8-inch

front, 10-inch rear semi-pneumatic tires.

37x2S in. high. Red, white. Unassembled.

79 N 8934L-Shpg. wt. 34 lbs... $19.88

Trail Trac Trailer. 12x6xll in. wide.

8-inch wheels. Red, white. Unassembled.

79 N 8929C-Shpg. wt. 11 lbs.... $5.88

Tractor. Full ball bearings. 38x24x27 in. high. 8-in. front,

12-in. rear wheels. Plastic fenders, adjustable seat. Semi–

pneumatic tires, tractor treads on rear tires. Realistic detail–

ing includes dual spark plugs, ignition wires, exhaust pipe.

Red with aluminum and white trim. Unassembled.

79 N 8938l-Shipping weight 40 pounds............ $24.88

Dump Trac. Steel seat, dump box. Red

with white trim. 33x1Sin.Unassembled.

79 N 8917C-Sbpg. wt. 16 lbs. $7.99

Tractor and Dump Trac. Unassembled.

Save $3.30. SeparaJcly $32.87.



56 lbs. $29.57

Tractor and Trail Trac Trailer. Unassem–


Save $2.77. Separately $25.76.

79 N 8939l2-Shpg. wt. 45 lbs.. $22.99

Chain-drive 4-wheel Ranch Trac

Tractor and Trailer


Ranch Trac Tractor. Sturdy steel hood. Spring-mounted

seat adjusts. 9%;-in. rear, 7;l1-in. front wheels. Yellow

with black, white, silver-color trim. Unassembled.

37x28xl9 inches wide.

79 N 8941L-Shipping weight 29 pounds ..... $16.99

Trailer. Steel. Fits all tractors. 23x19 in. wide. Red with white trim.

79 N 8946C-Unassembled. Shipping weight 11 pounds ........... $5.44

Ranch Trac Tractor and Trailer. Unassembled.

Save $2.44. Separately $22.43.

79 N 8948l2-Shipping weight 40 pounds...................... $19.99

Chain drive Tractor, Trailer





Tractor. Universal steering joint for full 360° turn. 8-inch front, 10-

inch rear wheels. Adjustable bucket seat, trailer hitch. Orange with

black trim. Unassembled. 37 inches long, 26 inches high.

79 N. 8949L-Shipping weight 26 pounds...

. .... $13.97

Trailer. Hauls rider or parcels.

Steel, 32x15 in. wide. 7;l1-inch

wheels. Unassembled.

79 N 8955C-Wt. 10 lbs. $5.27

Tractor and Trailer. Unas–


Save $1.25. Separate–

ly $19.24.

Shpg. wt. 36 lbs.

79 N8960L2 ........ $17.99