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Hook another car to working derrick ..

turn on flasher as you drive Tow Truck




Ready for the big jobs. Ball-bearing

bicycle-type chain drive makes it


to drive faster. 3-position size

adjustments. Realistic, wide pusher–

bumper. 7%-in. rubber-tire wheels.

Steel, 45 in. long. Battery-operated

warningflasher (batteries not included,

order 2


batteries below). Partly


79 N 8962L-Wt. 32 lbs..... $19.88

Red light flashes and bell clangs on this

pedal-drive Hook and Ladder


Chain-drive Super Tot-Rod Racer

Whip around your backyard track like a pro. This

vermilion red and white flash is heavy-gauge

tubular steel with drop wedge frame, roll bar.

Adjustable bucket seat. 41 in. long. Rubber-tire

wheels, 10-in. rear, 8-in. front. Partly assembled.

79 N 8976L-Shipping weight 30 lbs.... $15.88




Space for 2 young firemen. Steel

body in flamboyant red, white

trim. Spinner hub caps, removable

ladders. 8-in. ball-bearing wheels,

rubber tires. 5-position adjustable


ball-bearing drive. 45 in.

long. Order 2


batteries. Partly


79N8906L-Wt. 35 lbs.... $18.99


Batteries. Wt. each 2 oz.

79N4665 .. 2 for 32c; 4 for 60c

Chain-drive Fireball Racer

It's quick on the getaway, corners like a dream.

Bucket seat adjusts. Ball-bearing, rubber-tire

wheels .. 10-in. rear, 8-in. front. Heavy-gauge

tubular steel body with e.'!hausts, roll bar . .

vermilion, white trim. 41 in. long. Partlyassembled.

79 N 8921L-Shipping weight 32 lbs.... $19.88

Honk horn, shift "gears", check your

rear-view mirror .. then zip away in

your pedal-drive Super Sports Car

Spare wheel mounted on chrome-plated carrier

rack at rear. Plastic windshield, glove compart–

ment, chrome color hub-caps, exhaust pipes. 3"

position ball-bearing pedal drive. Steel body in

saddle-tone finish, white trim; red and white 8-in.•

rubber tire wheels. Partly assembled. 38 in. long.

79 N 8963L-Shipping weight 30 lbs.... $18.88

Pedal-drive Hook and Ladder Outfit

with fire bell and wood ladders

Here come the fire fighters, equipped with two

ladders so they can climb up to reach the fire.

Knuckle-type steering makes easier turning. Ball–

bearing rear axle' supports, adjustable pedals,


rubber•tire wheels. Steel, bright red with

white trim. 35 in. long. Partly assembled.

79 N 8964L-Shipping weight 29 lbs.... $13.88

Chain-drive Hot Rod, 10-in. wheels

Black with yellow trim. Ball-bearing pedal cranks.

Plastic windshield, chrome-color ornaments. Steel,

35 in. long. Rubber tires. Partly assembled.

79 N 8919L-Shipping weight 35 lbs.... $19.88