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Sears new Jungle Carbine with grenade launcher

offers junior commandos thrill-of-a-fighttime

Camouflage-color dead-ringer for the

carbine is of stiudy plastic, has

durable metal working parts. Shoots roll caps. Built-in, spring-operated

launcher lobs grenades up to 20 feet. Easy to handle. Comes with 2 realistic–

looking polyethylene grenades. 27



79 N 2814C-Shipping weight 2 pounds................... . ..... $1.99

Action-packed Rifles


Bolt-action Training Rifle

.. easy to load


For the boy who wants an au–

thentic model. Pull bolt back

and slip non-firing plastic cartridge

into chamber.

Bolt action cocks rifle for firing

SO-shot roll caps. Hinge-leaf sight,

shoulder sling. 35 in. long.

79 N 2628C-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. $1.99

For bold young troopers

.. Ml Rifle with bayonet


Have fun pretending to seek nut

and defeat deadly enemies with

this high-impact plastic model of

M1 Garand rifle. Fires roll caps,

die-cast metal mechanism. Comes

with 9-in. soft plastic bayonet and

plastic carrying sling. 31


in. long.

79 N 2603C-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. $1.99

Mattel's Winchester

with secret trigger


Hidden trigger gives every

marksman the rapid-fire lever

action he wants. Shoots caps and

Shootin' Shells, ejects cartridges.

Includes 2 cartridges, 6 plastic bullet

noses. Plastic stock easy to hold

steady. 26 in. long.

79 N 2794C-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. $1 .99

Be like today's soldier

with M14 Recoil Rifle


Battery-powered model of U.S:

Army automatic rifle adds real–

ism to backyard battles. Recoiling

muzzle, rat-ta-tat sound. Uses 2 "D"

batteries. 34 in. long.

79 N 2612C-Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. $1.99

"D" Battery. Shpg. wt. each 4 oz.

79 N 4660-2 for 32c; 4 for 60c

Pump-action Shotgun

ejects shells


It's open season on fun for

junior hunting fans because the

pump action is real in this exciting

Upland Gunner outfit by Marx.

Shoots caps, comes with dog whistle,

hunting license and 3 shotgun-type

shells. Plastic, 33 in. long.

79 N 2620C-Shpg. wt.


lbs. $1.99

Kadet Training Rifle

sends cork balls flying


Topple that target. Just load

front of barrel with half a dozen

cork balls, pull trigger. You get fast

lever action every time. Kadet

handbook, 10 cork balls included.

Wooden stock with shoulder sling.

24 inches long.

79 N 2686C-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. $1.99

Famous-name Play Rifles with fine detailing


all have smoking action

Marx Telescope Rifle

zeros-in distant targets


The boy who wants to be a

champ sharpshooter knows he

needs a r.ifie with a "scope" sight.

Telescope sight makes far-away tar–

gets seem close. Fires roll caps. Bolt

action loads and ejects cartridges,

cocks trigger.


play cartridges.

Metal and plastic. 40 in. long.

79 N 2688C- Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. $3.88

Daisy Saddle Gun makes

bullet ricochet sounds


Blast the bandits out of their

hide-away with this unusual gun.

Hear crack and noise of ricocheting

bullets, feel recoil, see smoke. Barrel

is of heavy-gauge steel. Plastic

stock, forepiece. 30 in. long.

79 N 2601 C-Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. $3.66

Mattel's Winchester

ejects up to 8 bullets


Take your choice .. this rifle's

secret trigger gives rapid-fire

lever action, triggers off single

shots, too. You see smoke when

you fire roll caps. Loads 8 metal

play bullets in housing. Has wood–

grained plastic stock and steel

barrel. 33 inches long.

79 N 2649C-Wt. 2 lbs... $3.77

Daisy's Spittin' Image

cracks, recoils, smokes


Exact reproduction of the fa-

mous rifle that helped bring

law and order. Cock the gun and

start firing .. thrill to realistic

response. Plastic stock, metal

barrel. 34 inches long.

79 N 2636C-Wt. 3 lbs.. . $4.66


Shoot this Recoil-action Rifle .. hear it crack

This gun has the exciting featiues of a real carbine .. cock it, fire it-it

recoils, smokes, makes cracking sound. You'll admire its rugged grained

plastic stock with gun-blue metal barrel. 31 inches long.

79 N 2656C-Shipping weight 3 pounds.. . ............... • ...... $2.49



NOTE: Caps are net included





shown on this page.