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When out on patrol, you need Remco's Camp


Your backyard becomes a jungle

campsite when you pitch this olive–

drab headquarters tent. Water-re–

pellent cotton canvas duck. 42x36x

36 in. high, comes with ropes, metal

stakes, wood poles. Also included:

mess kit; 1-pint canteen; and

camouflaged helmet . . all of high–

impact plastic.

49 N 2547-Wt. 4 lbs. 12 oz.$4.99

A new way to "attack"•• shoot the sponge rubber balls

around or over almost any object, with Kenner's

Gun that shoots around corners

You aim and shoot without being seen with this new "secret weapon"!

Entire barrel pivots 180 degrees while automatic mirror sight swings

to proper angle. Use it to "periscope-spot" targets. Semi-automatic,

air-powered. Plastic, 21 in. long. Comes with 10 soft rubber balls.

79 N 2623C-Shipping weight 2 pounds..................... $3.22

Blast back with realism. This 29-inch .50

caliber camouflaged gun flashes, recoils,

makes rat-a-tat-tat sound. Plastic. Uses

2 "D" batteries (order below).

79 N 2729C-Shpg. wt. 3 lbs .... $3.88

"D" Battery. Shpg. wt. each 4 oz.

79 N 4660........ 2 for 32c; 4 for 60c

Monkey Division

Plastic Field Kit

You're a daring member of the fighting

Monkey Division, set for action with

pistol, cap-firing grenade, whistle and

camouflaged helmet. When the fighting

lets up, relax with your canteen and

mess kit. All items olive-green plastic.

49 N 2648-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs .... $1.99

Contact headquarters

with Signal Ray Gun

Relay important messages

through space with Morse blink–

er code. Red, white and green

lens allows variety of signals.

Built-in buzzer. 8-in. plastic.

Has 2 "C" batteries.

49 N 2687-Wt. 12 oz .. $1.88

.50-caliber machine gun goes rat-a-tat-tat as red flasher

muzzle recoils realistically and shell cartridges fly out.

Throw cap-firing grenades and hear them land with a "bang".



This all plastic military equipment will really put you in the role of an aggres–

sive jungle fighter. Pull-back 23-in. machine gun is camouflage-color and is

mounted on a sturdy detachable tripod. There's more fire-power: 2 "explod–

ing" grenades (use single shot caps, not included). Polyethylene helmet has

netting and sergeant's stripes. Use binoculars to sight advancing enemies.

Flexible machete is your protection in close combat, can be used to "cut

away" underbrush, "mark" jungle trails.

79 N 2645C-Shipping weight 3 pounds............... . ....•. . .. $3.99

Mattel's Guerrilla

Poncho Gun



Plunge into enemy territory fully

equipped. Camouflaged 50-shot ma–



fires bursts or single shots

(roll caps, not incl.). Plastic and

metal, 25 in. long, sounds excitingly

real. Bolt action. Plus: camouflaged

vinyl poncho, flexible knife with

scabbard, "Special Operations" beret.

79 N 2676C-Shpg. wt. 3 lbs.$3.97




Attack .. with barrel smoking. Fires 50 times in bursts or

single shots. Sounds real with or without roll caps (not


included). Bolt action. Plastic and metal, 25 inches long.

79 N 2675C-Shipping weight 2 pounds......... $2.37