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All Holsters on this page are .made of

top-grain cowhide leather .. so supple,

smooth and exceptionally long wearing

-and all sets are exclusive with Sears

You "slap leather"

lightning-fast with this



Holster Set

Two "Texan" repeaters

practically jump out of

the no-snag holsters


Stand-off tubular-style holsters let you

wear guns "butts back" for fast action or

forward for slick cross-draw.



tols tire roll caps . . cylinders revolve.

Nickel-plated metal, simulated bone han–

dles.·6 silver-color play bullets.

Holsters and full-contour belt have

Desert Suntonc finish that resists stains.

Western-style tooling with contrasting

background. Fits 22 to 29-inch waists.

49 N 2819G-Shipping wt. 2 lbs .. $3.88

Paladin "Have Gun Will Travel" Set. Your call–

ing card and two 250-shot repeaters warn who you

are. Shiny black leather holsters tote 9



tols. Leg ties, 6 play bullets. Belt fits 23 to 30-in.

waists. Case with 25 cards and Paladin's photo.

49 N 2625G-Shipping wt. 2 lbs. 12 oz ...$3.99

NOTE: Gun sets on this page not for sale in New York City.

Caps not included with any cap-firing toy.




Bonanza Family

Double Holster


Hire on at the Ponderosa

.. tote the Cartwrights'

two 931-inch repeaters

that tire 250 caps. Em–

bossed leather holsters,

leg ties. 6 gold-color play

bullets. Belt fits waists

from 23 to 30 inches.

Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 12 oz.

49 N 2630G .... $3.99

Roy Rogers

Double Holster


Low-slung holsters have

bullet clips on pockets

and sleek Desert Suntone

finish. Two 8-in. metal

repeaters break open to

load 50 caps. Fits 20 to

29-inch waists.

. wt. 1 lb. 6 oz.

49 N 2820G .. .. $2.99


Single Holster


Nickel-plated 1031-inch

repeater fires 250 caps.

Western-style tooling

and Desert Suntone fin–

ish on holster, contour

belt. Fits 22 to 28-in.

waists. Wt. 1 lb. 2 oz.

49 N 2818G .... $2.99


Double Holster


Hip-hugging contour belt

and fast-draw stand-off

holsters boast a stain–

resistant Desert Suntone

finish. Two 8-in. metal

pistols fire 50 caps. Fits

22 to 28-in. waists.

. wt. 1 lb. 8 oz.

49 N 2809G .... $2.95


Double Holster


Deeply embossed West–

ern design highlights

these Desert Suntonefin–

ish holsters. Two 731-

inch metal repeaters tire

50 caps. Fits 21 to 26-in.

waists. Wt. 1 lb. 4 oz.

49 N 2808G .... $1.97


Single Holster


Fast-draw embossed hol–

ster has stain-fighting

Desert Suntone finish.

8-inch break-action met–

al repeater fires 50 caps.

Fits 21 to 26-inch waists.

Shipping weight 1 lb.

49 N 2806G .... $1.88