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Raise the plastic saber . .


fire authentic cavalry guns

Become a "Horse Soldier" of the Old West. You pack

a 26-inch cap-firing carbine .. a 9


cap pistol

that shoots 8 soft bullets .. and a 26-inch plastic saber

with scabbard. Plastic cavalry hat, canteen, belt with

cartridge case, scabbard hanger and holster. Cotton

bandana. (Not for sale in New York City or Mass.)

79 N 2605CG-Shipping weight 4 pounds..... $5.95

Miniature Sets for tiny tots

RiAe and Double Holster Set. 27-inch "filp-action" rifle in

plastic and metal; two 6-inch pistols. Leather holsters, ad–

justable belt. Rifle shoots roll caps, pistol single caps.

79 N 2753C-Shipping weight 2 pounds ........... $1.99

Double Holster Set. Two

5)4-in. cast metal cap pis–

tols. Black leather holsters

with silver-color steerheads.

Adjustable belt fits waists

18 to 24 inches.

49 N 2633-Wt. 8 oz... 99c

Roy Rogers Double Holster

Set. Looks like big brother's.

Guns are 6)4 in. long, fire

single-shot caps. Top-grain

leather holsters. Adjustable

belt fits 16 to 21-in. waists.

49N2736-Wt.11 oz. $1.77

Guns and Clothes Rack

with real western look


Helps junior keep his bunk–

house tidy. 6 horseshoe hooks

for guns, holsters, pants, shirts

and hats. Bright metal conchos,

leather thongs. Solid pine, clear

lacquer finish. 20x20 inches.

Attaches to wall or closet door;

hardware ind. Unassembled.

79 N 2734C-Wt.4 lbs..$3.19




not included with any cap-firing toy.

You're ready for any outlaw with this 4-weapon

Western Marshal Outfit

Fight it out with guns blazing. Use rifle

for long-range duels . . fast-draw pistols

for shootouts .. bowie knife for hand-to–

hand combat. All look real. 32 )4-inch rifle

has a strong steel barrel, nickel-plated work–

ing parts, walnut-colored plastic stock.

Rifle and repeating pistols fire roll caps.

Knife flexible plastic. Leather holsters have

rich dark saddle brown finish, belt fits 23 to

29-in. waist. Includes badge, •••••


(Not for sale in New York City.)

79 N 2812CG-Shippingwt.4lbs... $4.88

Lever-action 26-inch Winchester rifle ejects shell .. single or rapid fires. 9-

inch Fanner pistol. Plastic and metal, both shoot caps or shells. Flexible knife

with leather scabbard, holster and belt. Fits 25 to 34-inch waists. 9 car–

tridges, 30 bullet noses. (Not for sale in New York City or Massachusetts.)

_79 N 2681CG-Shipping weight 3 pounds ........................ $5.32

Mattel's Winchester Frontier Set

Gear up for wide-open spaces. "Shootin' Shell" 26-inch rifle bas lever

action, shell ejection .. single or rapid fire.


Fa.nner-50 pistol.

Plastic and metal, both shoot caps. Dura-Hyde® plastic holster, belt fit

up to 28-inch waist. 2 cartridges, 6 bullet noses. (Not for sale



79 N 2644CG-Shipping weight 3 pounds................. Set $3.87






Lever-action "Flip Rifle" has 50-shot rapid fire .. trigger action, too.

High-impact plastic with working parts of rugged die-cast meta.I. 27 io.

long. Two 50-shot automatic repeater guns of sturdy metal. Leather

double holsters. Belt fits 20 to 25-in. waists. (Not for sale in N.Y.C.)

79 N 2632CG-Shippiog weight 3 pounds .......... ... . Set $2.99