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Battery-powered Landing Craft

Flip the switch and


model of an army

LST rolls to the battle. It stops, doors open

and tank automatically rolls down ramp. Push

buttons to launch 4 plastic rockets and 2

depth charges. Red and green lights blink,

radar and 8 gun mounts turn. Camouflage–

colored metal. 16x6 inches high. From Japan.

Order 2 "D" batteries on facing


49 N 5699-Shipping weight 2 lbs.... $4.44

"Duck" runs on land, water


without batteries

Amphibious "duck" moves on wheels, also

floats on water. 10x4 in. high. 2 landing craft

float, fit on trailer. Craft 6 in. long. 15 soldiers,

2 in. high. All plastic. From Hong Kong.

Order 2 "D" batteries on facing page.

49 N 5666-ShippingweightJlbs..... $3.97


SEARS ""'"

Cabin rocks as Tug "sails"

Lights on deck shine, fog horn sounds.

Moves on free-rolling wheels. Metal.


in. high. From Japan. Order

J "D" batteries on facing page.

49 N 4236-Wt. 2 lbs. 4 oz... $5.89

Big 25-inch long landing craft rolls


ter defend as shell-firing tank destroy–

er goes down lowered landing ramp.

14 soldiers, 4 shells. All plastic.

79 N 5536C-Shpg. wt. 5 lbs. $5.92

Mystify your friends

Ferry "steams" back and forth ..

gates drop automatically as it docks




"Drive" cars up dock ramp and into boat. Press

switch on smoke stack .. ferry makes trip along

guide wire to other dock. With 16 metal cars,

each 4 inches long. Metal docks are each 17x9

inches wide; metal boat is about 16x7 in. wide.

Order 2 "D" batteries on facing page. From Japan.

49 N 4213-Shpg.


7 lbs. 12 oz. . . . . . . $9.99





Converts from freighter to fighting ship

.. shift control lever .. hidden deck

opens revealing 4 missiles, 2 "ash

cans," 4 rockets-all ready for action




Just cruising along the floor, it looks like an or–

dinary freighter rolling with the waves. Suddenly

it's attacked .. alarm horn and clanging bell sound,

and ship expands. The hidden deck section comes

alive as J hatch covers open automatically to reveal

4 missiles, 2 depth charges and 4 rockets (operate

manually). Radar antennas turn-also steer ship.

Shift lever for forward, reverse. stop, attack and

close. Order 2 "D" batteries below.

79 N 5872C-Shippingweight 4 lbs. . ..... . $8.88

"D" Battery. Shipping weight each 4 ounces.

79 N 4660 . . . ......... . ... 2 for 32c; 4 for 60c

Army Set. Four 5-inch tanks, 20 Gls, 4 jeeps,

4 trucks, 4 cannon, LST, trenches. All plastic.

49 N 5550-Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 4 oz.... Set $1.94




Metal jeep 6 in. long, ambulance, truck, tank,

sedan, helicopter, cannon, 4 shells. Japan.

49 N 4290-Shpg. wt. 1 lb.


oz.... Set $2.89