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Sears Exclusive Design


Giant Steel TURNPIKE Trucks

with husky friction motors

that roar with power

Off to the races with this sleek Transport

that delivers 3 authentic Racing Cars to the "track"

Speedway Transport rolls along on heavy rubber tires .. powered by a friction

motor. Just a fraction under 2 feet long, this transport carries replicas of three

famous racing cars, each about 9 inches long. The ramp lowers and out rolls a

bright yellow Ferrari. To compete in the " race" against the Ferrari, there are

two model "Lotus" racers .. one red and one blue. Heavy steel body of the

transport is spray painted for smoothness.

79 N 4269C- Shipping weight 7 pounds.......... . ..... .. ..... . ... $8.95

Auto Transport hauls 9 new-model Cars

Load them up the r.;uu1) and onto the trans–

port .. . "rev-up" the friction-powered

engine . . and deliver them to dealers all

over the counlry. Cars are


in. long .

friction powered too. All steel, plastic trim.

Transport is 2 ft. long. Rubber wheels.

Wrap-around wii1dshield on detachable cab.

79 N 4281 C- Shpg. wt.


lbs....... $8.95

Crane Truck

Hand crank operates crane. Boom pivots. Friction

motor. Wrap-around windshield on front and rear

cabs. Enameled steel, plastic trim. 14 inches long.

49 N 4231 -Shipping weight 2 lbs. 11 oz..... $3.97

Cement Mixer

revolves drum


Just press lever .. bydraulic-

type action slowly dumps the load of "ce–

ment." Cab sits between 2 diesel exhausts.

Wrap-around windshield. Friction motor.

Livestock Truck has

8 stock pens, side and center

gates, 4 loading ramps


Truck carries 8 animals .. each in its own

corral. Ra·ilings in center and on 1 side re–

move. Ramps store neatly behind truck

cab. Separate corral. Pen, ramps, corral,

and animals of molded plastic. 14-inch

enameled steel truck. Friction motor. De–

tailed cab interior with dummy steering

wheel. Cab has wrap-around windshield,



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_:s~1t~u~rd~y~s~te~e~l ~b~o~d;;:_y:._, £.Pl~a~st~i:_c _!t~ri!_;m~._!1~4:.,!i~n~. ~lo~n~ge_.-~--...A.!!Ltil....4234=..slli..w.....,it.LllJ



sits between 2 diesel exhausts.

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