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Build the most exdting structures you can

imagine . . everything from castles, to can–

nons, to an ultra modern building




A Sears exclusive .. this ingenious design that lets your

children use their imagination to the limit . . allows them to

build a greater variety oi things, in a much more fancifu l

way, than ordinary building sets. T hey can create a medieval

castle or a towering skyscraper .. a Viking ship or an ultra–

modern factory building . . a Chinese pagoda or a home

complete with furniLUre. Indeed , this is the building toy

that keeps pace with their changing interests day by clay.

Basic unit is a colorful


in. plastic cube. It's designed

with sturdy prongs fo r easy but firm interlocking. And it's so

versatile your child can create even peaked roofs, turrets,

heads, bod ies, anyth ing he can think of. Other pieces include

2)4-in. diam . wheels and axles.

49 N 4745- 110-piece Se,t. Shipping weigh t 1 lb. . . . .$3.55

49 N 4746-204-piece Set. Shipping wt.


lb. 12 oz... 5.85

49 N 4747-346-piecc Set. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 12 oz..... 9.45

Tot Train Sets


Child Guidance Toys



Complete city of sturdy plastic . . large 44x36·inch street

plan with buildings, vehicles, 48 people, over 35 feet of track


Amuses young engineers ages 2 to


for hours. Comes unassembled .. many varied

track layouts arc possible, use either side of track sections. Includes 54 track sections,

wide assortment of railroad cars and equipment, signal, and water towers, turntable,

drawbridge, car barns, 8 other buildings. Also self-stick signs, assorted trees and shrubs.

79 N 4698C- Shipping weight 7 pounds . ... . ...... . ..... .. .............. .$7.95


163 ·piece Set. 45 track

sections, railroad cars,

signal and water towers,

turntable, buildings. draw–

bridge, car barns. Plus tres–

tle, bumper, train station

and 20 varied accessories.

Shipping weight 6 lbs.

79 N 4692C. _. .. . .$5.92


72-piece Set. Switch

tracks with turntable.

Has 28 track sections, rail–

road cars, signal and water

towers, drawbridge. Plus

trestle, bumper, train sta–

tion and 20 varied acces–

sories. Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. 6 oz.

49 N 4691 ..... .. .$3.92


37-piece Set. Even our

small set has many track

layouts possible. 15 track

sections, railroad cars, sig–

nal and water towers,

bridge, starter. Also train

station and 10 accessories.

Shipping weight 2 pounds.

49 N 4690 . .... . ..$1.92