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Big, complete Service Station has 10-man crew to run it

MOTORIZED ELEVATOR whips late-model cars up to the roof

4-WAY STOP LIGHT changes color for regular traffic control

WRECKER TRUCK has working hoist, and friction-powered moto·r

TAKE-APART CAR lets you do fast dismantling, repair jobs

Watch cars pour into this super Service Center. Deliver them to upper level via battery–

operated elevator .. curving ramp rolls them back down to street level. Stop light regu·

!ates traffic. 8 cars in all : two are metal and friction-powered. six


plastic and free

rolling. There's also a take-apart car with 11 pieces lo dismantle. Cars about


in. long.

Use friction-power truck to tow them in. Station has working grease rack, jack .. plus

scale model lubricator, battery charger, p11mps, etc. Elevator uses

I "D"

battery (sold


opposite page). Steel building on base is

29~x 1 6x14

inches high. Unassembled.

Accessories, 10-man crew are plastic.



6003C- Shipping weight 10 pounds.......... . .. . .. . ..... . . . ... . . , .. Set $8 .89

• 8 cars

(2 friction power)

• Working up-down grease rack

• Friction-powered truck tows cars in

Boss a busy Service Station




Business is booming. This good-sized steel sta–

tion. on a 26x 14-in. base. has


crew of



chanics . . each busy at a different job. There's

lots of service equipment for them to use.




T riple-pump island. stands. sign, tools are

3-dimensional plastic. Grease rack raises so

mechanic can work under car. Ramp allows

roof parking. Station unassembled. 2 metal

cars and a truck . . 6 plastic cars.

79 N 6002C-Shpg. wt. 6 lbs...... Set $4.97




Service Station has hand-operated


elevator to park cars on roof

This 2 level service station is ready for customers ..

with 24-hour parking, a lube job, or quick tire change.

Hand-operated elevator stacks cars up top. five attend–

ants, pumps, 2 cars and other equipment are plastic;

station and base are metal. Unassembled. 17xl



49 N 6015-Shipping weight 3 lbs. 5 oz........ .$2.99