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ntire Campus

fits into this case






Four true-to-life campus scenes in one chipboard unit

that opens over 5 feet long, yet stores compactly.

Look no further, it's available only at Sears


Barbie gets all A's


college. She works hard in

class but has lots of fun on weekends.

Barbie likes to visit the Sweet Shop for delicious

sodas after leading cheers for the football team in the

College Stadium.

Some evenings Barbie studies in her Dorm Room

with Midge or enjoys a movie at the campus Drive-in

theater with Ken. College life is wonderful and Bar–

bie and Midge love every minute of it.

Open the chipboard Campus, set up the Sweet

Shop with booth, soda bar, stools, phone booth.

Dormitory bas twin beds, rug, lamp, nightstand,

built in dressing table, chair; desk. with chair. Sepa–

rate closets for Barbie and Midge's campus wardrobe.

On reverse side are football stadium and drive-in

movie theater plus various campus scenes.

Campus folds compactly for storage. Place fur–

nishings and accessories inside case. Convenient

handle for carrying.



9303C-Sbipping weight 8 pounds ..... $4.99

NOTE: Dolls and clothing are not included.