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Fast HO racing cars measure 2% inches long

• Two detailed, HO stock car racers

• 141h feet of track with

Loop-the-Loop section

• Two rheostat controls and

16-volt power pack

See the starting flag drop, leap into the lead

and the race is on. Your worthy opponent

switches lanes at the change-0ver track and he's

gaining on you. Slow down, there's a curve

ahead .. if you don't you'll spin-out. Now pour

it on .. you're headed straight for the Loop–

the-Loop. Steady now, you're going up, up and

around. Whee! The other racer, never one to

quit, keeps up with the chase. Keep on sprinting

and the winner's purse is yours.

Two authentically designed, racing stock

cars speed on 14 track.. Sections, through a

Loop-the-Loop and past a lap counter. There's

also a power pack. guard rails, clips, two hand–

beld controllers and a set of flags. UL approved

for 110-120-volt, 60-cycle


49 N 9546-Shpg.

wt. 7 lbs .. .. ....


Cars race into the stretch

at scale speeds of

over 400 MPH

. then go UP, UP, UP and

AROUND the giant loop

for the most thrilling

HO racing ever

Sears Loop-the-Loop

Speedway by Lionel