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• Powerful Aurora Thunderjet 500 motors give cars tremendous speed

(Racers capable of reaching scale speeds of 600 miles per hour)

• Famous Ferrari, Maserati, Corvette Sting Ray and Ford Mustang

racers accurately detailed . . scaled to exact size

• 11 feet of 4-lane track . . converts to 20


feet of 2-lane track

(Track separates at center-line, all ends match perfectly)

Double your racing thrills when not only two but four people can

compete at the same time. Cars spin-out and weave just like real·life

racers, for fun and excitement at every turn. Real skill and timing are

needed to get fast lap times without a mishap.

Cars are plastic and metal, about


inches long. Chrome bumpers

and rubber tires. Make

2 ~x5

ft. layout (4-lanes), guard rails and

trestles included. Power pack UL listed for 110- 120-volt, 60-cycle AC.



7623C-Shipping weight


pounds . ... . . . . .. . . .... . .. $29.88



Moruw.Down on





AURORA Ov:er-and-Under

Two-lane HO Road Race

• Two chassis with famous Thunderjet 500 motors

plus 6 interchangeable body shells

• 15 feet of running track makes 3x6-foot layout

Press button on starting pylon . . the flag drops and the race

is on. Cars speed around tricky course at up to 600 scale

miles per hour. Wide, sweeping curve is banked for "all--0ut"

run into the straightaway. Watch out for the squeeze track

where your opponent may box you in. Be first to flash across

finish line as checkered flag drops for the winner.

Your stable of cars includes Ford Mustang Hardtop, Cor–

vette Sting Ray, Ferrari, Maserati, XKE Jaguar and Ford

Mustang Convertible. Plastic and metal cars are about 2


in. long. 2 push-button speed controls, lap counter, guard

rails. Power pack UL listed (110-120 volt, 60-cycle AC).

79 N 7622C-Shipping weight 7 pounds. , . . , , .. . .•$19.99