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Sears speed


let you shift

like the pros ..



shift for turn.s and obstacles

• Over 21 feet of track (472x8-foot layout)

• Famous Le Mans Grand Prix starting track

• Headlights that work for exciting night racing

• Sta11dard


scale cars and raceway

The starting flag drops. You slam into first gear and

you're off. Shift into second to get around the tree in

the obstacle island and over the narrow bridge . .

then speed-shift into third gear for the big curve.

Keep power coming on as your car fishtails through,

wheels spinning wildly.. Slip into fourth gear for the

straightaway. Now! Down-shift to second for bumps

and "S" curve, fighting all the way to stay on the

road and still keep ahead.

The competition's keen between Maserati and

Ferrari race cars. Both have chrome.color spoke

hub caps and Allstate Guardsman tires. Set includes

a narrow chicane track, lap co.unter, hill track, wiggle

obstacle track with tree and Le Mans start section.

Red, green and black-and-white checkered flags.

Plastic and metal cars (about 6 in. long), 16 fence

pieces, trestle supports, 2 stick-shift controllers.

Powerful )8•volt power pack UL approved for 110-

120-volt,. 60-cycle AC.



9519C-Shipping weight 10 lbs...... $24.95

No Money Down on

Sears Easy Terms