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The most unique doorway set

we've ever offered. You actually

trim the door-panel tree

with 23 novelty ornaments, plus

a tinsel garland. A pair of

coach lamps stand like bright

sentinels .. and an extra-bushy

garland with 20 miniature

lights frames your entrance

28-piece set

This ensemble sold only by Sears .. truly eye-catching

in its beauty and holiday charm.

Yule tree door panel, 33x74 inches, of weather–


vinyl plastic-perforated to accommodate

23 ornaments and 10-foot gold-color tinsel garland

(imported from Japan). Pair of standing coach

lights, each 51 inches tall,

of weather-resistant

plastic. Each has flame-type bulb. Lighted 18-foot

garland with 20 replaceable amber-color miniature

lights and flower-like reflectors. Lights are UL listed

for safety.

71 N 98452L4-Shipping weight 14 lbs..... $18.88

Door Panel and Panel Decorations only.

71 N 98055-Shipping w.eight 12 ounces..... 4.79

Standing Coach lights only. ULlisted. Wt.


lbs. each.

71 N 98068L. . . . . .... .Each $4.69; 2 for $8.98

lighted 18-ft. Garland only. Gold-color vinyl tinsel.

71 N 91345-Shipping weight 2 lbs. 8 oz... . .$5.79

Elegant weather-resistant Ornaments for your door

Della Robbia Fruit Tree of real– fruit (grapes, oranges,

peaches, apples) and pine cones

in nature's own rich colors.

Glossy green leaves. Redwood

half-tub has gleaming brass–

color metal bands. 38



Plastic. Allow I0 lbs. postage.

71N98106L . ... ... .. $24.95

Topiary Tree. Huge ball of green

plastic foliage studded with

gleaming red cotton satin cov–

ered balls and big red ribbon

bow. Contrasting green cotton

velvet ribbon covered stem and

half-round wicker basket. 38x

12x7 inches deep.



lbs. $15.95

For along the walk

Lighted Cane Set of seven 20-in.

canes .. mount into ground. Plas–

tic holly garland, assorted color


bulbs, stakes. UL listed.

71N 98058-Wt. 3 lbs. .$5.69

Plastic Elf, electric lantern .•



. 2lbs. 12o:o.

71N 98070 . . .. . . ..... $4.79



Santa Claus

Extra strong plastic,

easily inflated.

Tested to withstand

20° below :oero. An–

choring ropes and

stakes included .

From Hong Kong.

Shpg. wt. 6 lbs.

71 N 98245-$7.77