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6-piece Accessory

Set included with

these two Imm outfits

You get 30x40-in. screen,

2-light bar, splicer, titler,

Sears color film with pro–

cessing, and a Tower Film

Club envelope



Kodak Brownie Fun-Saver Camera





Pr .

1 reel

and ars Zoom-lens OJector

Separate prices total $74.07. Camera needs just l lens setting. Crank-wind

motor. F:2. 7 fixed-focus lens. Plastic body. Uses Sears color, Kodachrome IT

roll film. Projector has f:l.5 zoom lens .. fills screen in 12 to 15 feet. 500-watt

lamp. Nylon gears. Swing-out gate for easy loading. 110-120-v., 60-c. AC.

With photo book, roll Kodachrome II, 6-pc. set above.

3 N 9512C3-Complete Outfit. Shipping wt. 23 lbs.


montli.Cash $69.95

3 N 9164-Carnera, book, Kodachrome II only. Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. . . 17.66

3 N 9298C-Zoom-lens Projector only. Wt. 12 lbs.



Cash 39.95






Electric-eye, Power-drive




Camera, Self-threading Projector



Separate prices total $113. 84. No settings to make, no winding to do.

Sensitive electric eye sets fast f:l.8 lens; 2 batteries (incl.) drive the film.

Built-in type-A filter to use indoor film outdoors. Takes all roll films, ASA

10--400. Gray metal body. From Japan. Projector has


f:l.6 lens ..

fills screen in 13 ft. Die-cast metal body. 110-120-v., 60-c. AC only.

3 N 95I3C3-Complete 8-piece Outfit. Wt. 26 lbs.

$6 month.

Cash $108.00

3 N 9145C-Electric-drive Camera. Wt. 2 lbs.


monthty .


Cash 38.88

3 N 9269C-Self-threading Projector. Wt. 11 lbs.


montli .


Cash 58.50



Push-button Zoom Reflex Camera,

Self-threading Slow-motion Projector


camera, proJe<:lor

with 1 reel

Separate prices total $320.00. Cartridge-load

camera is ready-to-go in seconds. Electric eye sets the

sharp f:l.8 9'+27mm lens. You


through lens ..

electric eye senses through lens for maximum accu–

racy. Takes films ASA 10-400. Haze, Type-A filters.

Metal body. From


Projector runs forward,

reverse .. even shows single frames. Flick lever for

slow motion. Built-in splicer. Bright f:l.2 zoom lens,

fine-focus knob. Metal body. 110-120-v., 60-c. AC.

3 N9533 K2-Camera, Projector. Wt. 24 lbs. $299.95

3 N9136C-Camera only. Shpg.


5 lbs.... 177.50

3N9447-Pistol Grip for above. Wt. 8 oz.... 9.50

3N9289K-Projector only. Wt. 24lbs. ..... 142.50

3N8336-Leather Case. Wt. 2 lbs. 8 oz.. . . . 10.50