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Each outfit incluiks:

• Cartridge-load Smm zoom camera with fast, f:1.8 lens

that zooms from wide-angle (9mm) to telephoto

(29mm). Electric eye sets the lens opening. Tough,

die-cast aluminum body

• 650-watt movie light that mounts



• 2-section tripod with Elevator, pau head

• Action eilitor with 3x2U-inch screen

• Texon artificial-leather-over-composition case. Roll of

Sears color film, processing

• Vincent Price director's manual, script

• Props, costumes and make-up kit

Isn't it terrible to be bored to tears by a friend's dull

family movies? We think so. That's why Sears went to

Hollywood veteran actor-producer Vincent Price. We

asked him to write screenplays and a director's manual

that would help


friends use dramatic Hollywood tech–

niques with a minimum of equipment and experience. He

came up with a blockbuster of an idea.

Mr. Price developed and wrote a 58-page manual that

teaches basic-but dramatic-techniques .. like editing,

contiuuity, acting, titling, costuming, trick shots, night

photography and many more. He gave us illustrated

scripts that could be produced at home with a minimum

of equipment, yet would be dramatic aud professional–

looking. We added props, costumes, a make-up kit-even

a marquee for your 40-in. screen (not included)-aud

came up with the Vincent Price scenario kits.

It gives you everything you need to make really good

home movies the first time around ..

and !tave loads of

Jun doing


3 N 9501C

3 N 9505C

3 N 9504C

The Nativity

Frog Prince

Dr. Psycho

Shipping weight 19 pounds.

$8 monthly ....




Extra Vincent Price Scenario Kits.

Manual, script, make–

up, props, costumes, and title cards.

3 N 97941

3 N 97942

3 N 97943

The Nativity

Frog. Prince

Dr. Psycho

Shipping weight each 3 pounds.. . ............... .